Mirror Dinghy Related Sites and Sources

Here are a collection of web-sites and other sources of information about the Mirror Dinghy, or that are useful to Mirror sailors.

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Some useful Mirror related books.

Book Cover: Sailing the Mirror

Sailing the Mirror

by Roy Partridge
© 1980 Fernhurst Books, 64 pages
ISBN 0-906754-01-1

Written by former Mirrors world champion Roy Partridge, this classic book is a great introduction to sailing the Mirror. Aimed at the novice to intermediate sailor, the book is packed with diagrams and photos that help make the simple logical explanations that much easier to understand.

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Book Cover: Mirror Racing

Mirror Racing

by Guy Wilkins
© 1989 Fernhurst Books, 95 pages
ISBN 0-906754-45-3

Guy Wilkens is a sailing dinghy instructor who has raced Mirrors in World, European and UK National championships. He has built three championship winning Mirrors. This book is a more advanced guide to Mirror dinghy sailing aimed at the serious competitor. The book also includes some useful construction tips for building a fast boat.

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