Fanshawe Regatta 2009

Date Saturday June 6 and Sunday June 7, 2009
Location Fanshawe Yacht Club, Map to FYC.
Regatta Notice of RaceNotice of Race
Saturday 10:00 am Competitors meeting and registration
11:30 First warning
Sunday 10:00 am First warning
Camping Camping accommodation is available in the Fanshawe Convervation Area surrounding the lake (the Fanshawe Yacht Club is actually located inside the conservation area). Try and get a site in area D to be near your fellow sailors. Campsite reservations can be made via the online reservation system.

June Bug Regatta Rescheduled

We had originally planned to participate in the Fanshawe Yacht Club's June Bug Regatta on this weekend. However, FYC had to reschedule this event to the previous weekend a few weeks before the event date. The majority of OMDA sailors who were planning to attend weren't available on the new date. As a result, we've decided to hold our own regatta on the originally scheduled weekend.

Although OMDA hasn't held an event at Fanshawe for quite a few years, it was a very popular venue in years gone by.

Fanshawe Sailing Club will graciously allow us use to use their launching ramp and leave our boats rigged on the dollies in their locked compound for the weekend (they will lend a key to one of the OMDA members).

Sailing Conditions

I can't give any details, as I've never sailed here.