Ontario Mirror Dinghy Association Incorporated




Written May 1998

Approved with Amendments September, 1998

Amended September 1999

OMDA’s Standard Sailing Instructions added as Appendix A June 2000

OMDA’s  Standard Sailing Instructions deleted September 2004

Amended September 2004

Amended September 2009


Table of Contents


CONSTITUTION                                         Page 2 of 11

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        ARTICLE II -   Purpose                       Page 2 of 11

        ARTICLE III    Not For Profit Status         Page 2 of 11

        ARTICLE IV   Affiliation                     Page 2 of 11

        ARTICLE V    Meetings                        Page 2 of 11

        ARTICLE VI   Voting Rights                   Page 3 of 11

        ARTICLE VII  Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws Page 3 of 11

        ARTICLE VIII Dissolution and Disbursement of Funds Page 3 of 11

        ARTICLE IX   General                               Page 3 of 11


BY-LAWS                                              Page 5 of 11

        ARTICLE I -   Membership                     Page 5 of  11

        ARTICLE II -  Membership Fees                Page 5 of  11

        ARTICLE III   Nominations and Elections      Page 6 of  11

        ARTICLE IV   Executive Committee             Page 6 of  11

        ARTICLE V    Duties of the Executive Committee Page 6 of  11

        ARTICLE VI   Finance                         Page 8 of  11

        ARTICLE VII  Sailing Activities              Page 8 of  11

        ARTICLE VIII Racing                          Page 8 of  11

        ARTICLE IX - Trophies and Awards             Page 10 of  11


APPENDIX A      deleted







The name of this organization shall be the Ontario Mirror Dinghy Association Incorporated (referred to subsequently as OMDA, or the Association).



ARTICLE II - Purpose


1.  To promote Mirror dinghy sailing in Ontario.

2.  To provide an opportunity for its members to learn about sailing and good seamanship skills and safety.

3.  To run regattas and provide opportunities for its members to compete with other Mirror dinghy sailors.

4.  To promote the enjoyment of the sport of sailing through good fellowship and common interests.

5.  To participate in the work of the International Mirror Class Association, Canada (referred to subsequently as IMCAC) and the International Mirror Class Association (referred to subsequently as IMCA.)



ARTICLE III - Not For Profit Status


The Association shall be operated without purpose of financial gain to any of its members. Any profits to the Association shall be used in promoting its objectives.



ARTICLE IV - Affiliation


OMDA shall be affiliated with the IMCAC; the Ontario Sailing Association, referred to subsequently as OSA; and the Canadian Yachting Association, referred to subsequently as CYA.


ARTICLE V - Meetings


1.  General Meetings

a. Members shall be notified of meetings no less than ten days prior to the meeting. Notification shall include a date, time, place and agenda for the meeting.

         b. An annual general meeting shall be held in August or September of each year.

c. Special general meetings may be called by the executive committee. The executive committee must call a special general meeting upon receipt of a request signed by a minimum of 25% of the members stating the general nature of the issues to be addressed.

d. A quorum for a general meeting shall be a minimum of 25% of the members eligible to vote.





2.  Executive Committee Meetings

        a. Executive committee meetings shall be held no less than four times per year at such time and place as the executive committee shall determine.

        b. A quorum for an executive committee meeting shall be no less than 60% of the executive committee.



ARTICLE VI - Voting Rights


1.  Each membership is entitled to one vote at meetings of the general membership.

2.  Voting by proxy at a general meeting shall not be allowed.



ARTICLE VII - Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws


The Constitution may be altered or amended by a vote of a minimum of two-thirds of the members present at any general meeting, provided that a quorum is present. Any such alteration or amendment must have been submitted in a notice of motion and been circulated to all members at least 10 days before the meeting.


The By-Laws may be amended at any time by a majority vote of the executive or by a majority vote of members present at a general meeting. Amendments to the By-Laws by the executive since the last general meeting must be ratified by a majority vote of the membership present at the next general meeting.



ARTICLE VIII - Dissolution and Disbursement of Funds


In the event of the dissolution of the Association for any reason whatsoever, the funds remaining in the Association's account, after payment of all debts and liabilities including current OMDA levies, will be distributed as agreed upon by a majority vote of the membership and in accordance with the Purposes of OMDA.



ARTICLE IX - General


1.  Head Office

    The Directors may change the location of the head office of the Association within Ontario by special resolution of the executive committee.


2.  Risks

    The Association shall not be responsible for any injury, loss, or damage incurred during events organized by the Association or members acting on its behalf. Participation in any manner in an Association activity shall be at the participant's sole risk whether the participant be a member or guest.


3.  Contracts

    Contracts, documents or other instruments in writing which require the signature of the Association shall be signed by any two of the president, the treasurer, and the secretary.


4.  Indemnification

    All executive committee members (also known as directors) shall be indemnified and saved harmless out of the funds of the Association from and against all cost, charges, and expenses whatsoever which a director may sustain or incur in or about any action, suit, or proceeding which is brought, commenced, or prosecuted against her/him, for or in respect of any act, deed, matter, or thing whatsoever made, done, or permitted by him/her, in or about the execution of the duties of her/his office except such costs, charges, or expenses as are occasioned by his/her own willful neglect or default.




ARTICLE I - Membership


1.  The membership of the Association shall consist of those who pay the prescribed fees, sign the annual membership form (excepting out-of-province members) and are included in one of the following categories:

        a. Full Member- a family consisting of a person or couple and his/her/their dependant children under the age of 21 as of December 31st or under the age of 25 as of December 31st and in full time education at the time of membership renewal.

        b. Life Member - A family, one or more of whom has given outstanding service to OMDA; proposed by the executive committee and approved by the Association membership. Life members have the same rights and privileges as full members of the Association.

        c. Complimentary Member - A family or individual proposed and approved by the executive committee. All complimentary memberships are for the balance of the current year only. Complimentary members have either the same rights and privileges as full members of the Association, as decided by the executive committee at the time of approving the complimentary membership.

        d.      Out-Of-Province Member - An individual who resides outside the Province of Ontario and who does not take part in any racing or social activities of the Association.

        e.      The Principal Race Officer may grant a one-day membership in OMDA at his/her discretion to a CYA member to allow him/her to participate in an OMDA-sponsored event.


    All members are bound by this Constitution and By-Laws.


2.  Any member may withdraw from OMDA by written resignation to the secretary. There shall be no refund of fees in whole or in part to any resigned member.


3.  Membership is not transferable.



ARTICLE II - Membership Fees


1.  The membership fees shall be determined annually by the executive committee.


2.  The membership fees shall include levies as follows:

        Full members - OMDA, IMCAC, and CYA.

        Out-of-province members - OMDA.


3.  Membership fees are due on January 1st. each year for that calendar year.


4.  All members may take part in social activities of OMDA.


5.  New full members joining the Association after July 1st. shall pay the annual full membership fee less the IMCAC and CYA levies.


6.  Full members who pay the CYA levy as a part of their fee for belonging to another organization may have that levy deducted from their OMDA membership fee. 


7.  New full members joining after August 1st shall have their OMDA levy reduced by 50%. 



ARTICLE III - Nominations and Elections


1.      A nominating committee shall be chaired by the past president and include additional members as required by the chair. It shall be responsible for preparation of a slate of candidates for the executive committee for the following year. Except for president, specific positions need not be allocated by the nominating committee.


2.      No member shall be nominated as a candidate unless her/his consent to serve has been obtained.


3.         The nominating committee shall present the slate to the annual general meeting. Further nominations may be made from the floor at that meeting.


4.  Elections for members of the executive committee shall be held at the annual general meeting.


5.  The new executive shall take office on November 1st or at an Awards or similar event if this be held two weeks before or after November 1st.



ARTICLE IV - Executive Committee


1.  The executive committee shall consist of the president, the immediate past president and a minimum of four additional members elected to the committee at the annual general meeting.

2.  The executive committee shall appoint a secretary and a treasurer from among the immediate past president and the elected executive committee members.

3.  The executive committee may appoint additional members to serve on the executive committee.

4.  Only individuals from full, or life member families may be members of the executive committee. Individuals must be in good standing at the time of election and during their term of office.

5.  The term of office shall be one year. An individual may hold the same directorship or office for a maximum of three consecutive years with the exception of The Jibsheet editor.



ARTICLE V - Duties of the Executive Committee


1.  The executive committee shall direct the activities of the Association subject to the approval of the membership.


2.  The executive committee shall appoint a newsletter editor who shall be a voting member of the executive.


3.  The executive committee shall appoint an examiner of financial records.


4.  Duties of Directors

a.         The duties of the President shall include:

            i)          presiding at all general meetings of the Association and of the executive committee,

     ii)  being an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee,

     iii) being the Association's official spokesperson or appoint a designate in his/her place, and

iv)           being one of the three official signing officers of the association.


b.                   The duties of the Treasurer shall include:

i)                    responsibility for the conduct of the financial affairs of the Association,

     ii)  submitting financial records at the end of the fiscal year to the examiner of financial records,

     iii) submitting reports at executive committee meetings and interim reports to the membership,

     iv)  preparing a budget for the year in consultation with the executive committee,

            v)         making disbursements by authority of the executive committee,

     vi)  making investments in consultation with the executive committee,

     vii) preparing and submitting financial reports to the Ministry of Consumer and Corporate Affairs, Companies Branch, and

     viii) being one of the three official signing officers of the Association.


c.   The duties of the Secretary shall include:

i)                    keeping the minutes of all general and executive committee meetings and distributing them (in his/her absence, the President shall appoint a replacement),

ii)                   assisting the President in preparing meeting agendas,

iii)                 notifying the executive committee members of executive meetings,

iv)                 keeping the Association records and official Seal,

v)                  reporting changes of information to the Ministry of Consumer and Corporate Affairs,

vi)                 being one of the three official signing officers of the Association, and

vii)               being responsible for the maintenance of the Association's archives.


5.   Duties of the other Executive Members.

     The committee shall organize itself and distribute duties in such a way as to ensure that all needs of the organization are met. These shall include:


a.   Race Management:

i)          planning and managing the race calendar,

ii)  planning and managing sail training - advanced skills, junior skills, race management skills  and

iii) organizing the race results, awards and prizes.


b.   Fundraising:

     i)   organizing fundraising events and activities as and when the executive deems necessary for purposes that the executive decides, and

     ii)  maintaining a corporate sponsorship prospectus and endeavoring to obtain corporate sponsors as and when the executive decides it is necessary.


c.   Property:

     i)   storing and maintaining the property of the Association,

     ii)  acquiring new items as required,

     iii) maintaining an inventory of all property, and

     iv)  arranging for required property to be taken to and returned from events where it is needed.


d.   Communications:

     i)   providing for production and distribution of:

                        the newsletter: The Jibsheet.

                        notices of special meetings and other events.

     ii)  communicating relevant information from OSA, CYA, IMCAC to members,

     iii) communicating with persons and organizations outside OMDA, and

     iv)  preparation of other publicity material such as brochures and posters.


e.   Membership:

     i)   maintaining member records and membership lists,

     ii)  collecting membership fees, and

     iii) compiling, printing and distributing the membership directory annually.


ARTICLE VI - Finance


1.   The fiscal year of OMDA shall be January 1st. to December 31st.


2.   Cheques shall be signed by any two of the following: the treasurer, the president, or the secretary.


3.   The financial examiner appointed by the executive committee shall perform an annual financial review and shall submit a report to the members to be published before the annual general meeting.


ARTICLE VII - Sailing Activities


1.         Each participant in OMDA’s sailing activities must wear an approved personal flotation device while on the water in a Mirror or other boat under 20ft.


2.         Boats used in OMDA’s on-water activities must carry all safety equipment required by the Ministry of Transportation for Ontario for boats of their class.




1.   Regattas are to be run using the latest valid sailing instructions.

2.               Boats entered in a race will normally be sailed by a crew of two except for single handed regattas. Should a boat be sailed single handed in a double handed regatta it shall be subject to a penalty of one point per race. However, a single handed boat is not eligable to win the trophy for a double handed championship regatta (the trophy will be awarded to the double handed crew with the best score). The race committee is not obligated to inform the skipper without a crew of any penalty which may apply. 

3.   There must be at least three registered boats in a regatta for it to be valid.

4.   A sailor may only register for either the open single handed regatta or the junior single handed regatta, not both.

5.   The Annual OMDA Ranking System is to be administered by the President who may appoint a sub- committee to act on his or her behalf. Approximately eight regattas are to be nominated as ‘Ranking Races’ and the best score  will determine the winner. The number and/or race designations may be changed at the President’s discretion to accommodate any unforeseen circumstances. Changes must be publicized as widely and as early as reasonably practical.


     The ranking rules are as follows:


a.                   Regattas designated as ‘Ranking’ on the schedule are the only ones to be counted for the ranking tables.

b.         Ranking tables may be calculated for the ‘A’ and ‘B’ Fleets and the Junior Fleet.

c.         A maximum of five ranking regattas can be counted towards the ranking table.

d.         The registered skipper only is given the points towards the ranking table.

e.         Only members of a full OMDA membership family can be included in any of the ranking tables.

f.                    Junior skippers can be included in both the junior and either ‘A’ or ‘B’ Fleet ranking tables according to the regattas he/she has registered in.

g.         Points are awarded according to the table below:



Number of Participants














































































































































h.         Skippers who finish in any of the first three places of an international, national, or provincial championship, or of this Annual OMDA Ranking System, shall be instantaneously designated as ‘A’ Fleet skippers. All skippers not members of the ‘A’ Fleet are considered to be in the ‘B’ Fleet. Note that a finish in one of the first three positions in a designated race rules out a ‘B’ Fleet award.



ARTICLE IX - Trophies and Awards


The following trophies and awards may be presented each year at the annual Awards Night:


1.                   ‘A’ Fleet Ranking Trophy:   Awarded annually to the top ranked skipper in the ‘A’ Fleet. Engraved with the winner’s name.

2.                   Ontario Championship Trophy:   Awarded annually to the winning skipper of the Ontario Championship Regatta. Engraved with the names of the skipper and crew. Keeper trophies are presented to the skippers and crews of the first three finishers and to the skipper and crew of the first ‘B’ Fleet finisher.

3.                   Junior Ontario Championship Trophy:   Awarded to the winning skipper of the Junior Ontario Championship. Engraved with the names of the skipper and crew. Keeper trophies are presented to the skippers and crews of the first three finishers.

4.                   ‘Derek Clay’ Single Handed Championship Trophy:   The original Derek Clay trophy, donated by the past president of OMDA, was awarded annually to the winning skipper of a regatta held by the Burlington Sailing and Boating Club but was destroyed in the 1983 BS&BC clubhouse fire. It was replaced in 1985 and since then has been awarded to the winning skipper of the single handed regatta which has been renamed the ‘Derek Clay’ Regatta. Engraved with the winner’s name. Keeper trophies are presented to the first three skippers.

5.                   Junior Single Handed Championship Trophy:   Awarded to the winner of the junior single handed regatta. Engraved with the winner’s name. Keeper trophies are presented to the first three finishers.

6.                   President’s Trophy:   This trophy used to be awarded to annually to the winning skipper of the junior camp regatta. More recently it has been awarded to the Junior Fleet ranking winner. Engraved with the winner’s name. Keeper trophies are presented to the top three in the junior ranking table.

7.                   ‘B’ Fleet Ranking Trophy:   Awarded to the winner of the ‘B’ Fleet ranking table. Engraved with the winner’s name.

8.                   Bill Olmsted Trophy:   The trophy is in memory of Bill Olmsted who served many years as OMDA’s treasurer. It may be awarded annually to any member or group of members in recognition of services rendered to, or on behalf of, OMDA, which are beyond that which would normally be expected. The selection of the recipient(s) is made by the President upon the recommendation of a subcommittee appointed for that purpose. It is engraved with the name(s) of the winner(s).

9.                   Vulcan Fireproof Trophy:   This is a trophy made of a sheet steel model Mirror donated by the skipper of Vulcan M20744 after a fire had destroyed the Derek Clay Trophy. It is awarded annually to a member who has competed in, without winning, the Derek Clay Regatta, but who sailed a fair race and who has distinguished him/herself both on and off the water in OMDA activities since the previous Derek Clay Regatta. It is engraved with the winner’s name. 


10.               Cherry Beach Challenge Trophy:   This trophy was donated by the Cherry Beach Fleet after they ceased sailing a series of evening races. It used to be awarded to the skipper who combines the most points using the ranking system when sailing in the ranking regattas at Cherry Beach. More recently is has been awarded to the skipper in the best overall position from the first and last regattas of the season. It is engraved with the winner’s name.

11.               Junior Achievement Trophy:   This trophy may be awarded annually to the most improved junior sailor or sailors. It is engraved with the name(s) of the winner(s).

12.               Hands Across the Sea Trophy:   This trophy was donated by Roy Partridge. It is awarded to the top ranked skipper under 25 in the ‘A’ Fleet, or if none, then the top ranked skipper under 25 in the ‘B’ Fleet, or if none there either, then not awarded at all.



Note that keeper trophies shall only be awarded for three places when there are five or more entrants. There will be two keeper trophies for four entrants and one keeper trophy when there are three or fewer entrants, unless otherwise stated in the Notice of Race.



Winners of the perpetual trophies shall return them in good condition to the President at least 30 days prior to the next Awards Night.