Victoria Day Weekend 2016

The season opening Victoria Day Weekend Regatta was held on May 21-23 at the Belwood Lake Sailing Club near Fergus. The weather was fabulous: warm and sunny along with some decent winds! We did get a bit of rain, but it came in the middle of the night.


We always schedule a later start on Saturday. This gives everyone a chance to take a bit of time remembering how to sort out their rigging after digging their boat out of winter storage. It also gave Steve a chance to mount the engine on Charger and refill her with all her gear from the back of his car!

Race Results

2016 OMDA Victoria Day Weekend Regatta Results
Place Sail No. Crew Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Points
1 43756 Erik Brendeke
3 2 1 2 8
2 51208 Dawn Richardson
Caleb Richardson
1 6 2 5 14
3 53050 Stephen Steel
Tayja Beaumont
5 1 5 4 15
4 16562 Heather Pugh
2 4 3 6 15
5 67069 Aleid Brendeke
Alex Brendeke (race 1)
4 3 6 1 17
6 51161 Marika Beaumont
Wyatt Beaumont
6 5 4 3 18

Note: Those sailing single-handed (Aleid in races 2-4) were assessed a penalty of 1 point per race. The usual tie breaker rules applied.

Many thanks to Jim Carroll, his daughter Emma and her boyfriend Ian, and Paul Lingen for volunteering as our race committee. They had so much fun doing it last year they wanted another chance! And of course, many thanks the Belwood Lake Sailing Club for hosting such a great day of sailing!