Derek Clay Single-Handed Regatta 2014

This years Derek Clay Single-Handed Regatta was held at its traditional date and location: the Belwood Lake Sailing Club on the Labour Day weekend.


The morning started with nice weather, and those who'd camped over Friday night were able to enjoy it. The BLSC playground had a new addition that was very popular with the kids: an abandoned sailboat hull, now floating in the ground!

Photo: Ryan Checks Out the Foredeck

Of course there's lots of fascinating stuff growing in Lake Belwood.

Photo: Fascinating Things Grow in Lake Belwood Photo: Let Me See

A lots more to look at on the shoreline.

Photo: Description Photo: Description

As the morning progressed, the weather looked mildly threatening, but there was plenty of wind with lots of gusts. Our race committee, Paul Lingen, Paul Coppes and John McCulloch, threw us a curve by setting up a clockwise course with marks taken to starboard in front of the club. This gave those on shore an excellent view of the racing for a change.

Photo: Paul Took Care of the Timing Photo: While the Other Paul Looked After the Flags Photo: The Sailors Get Ready for the Start Photo: Heather Checks Her Watch at the Four Minute Mark Photo: Paul Watches the Start Line Photo: And They're Off

And, at the end of the first race ...

Photo: Heather Approaches the Finish Photo: Erik and Marika Follow Photo: Steve Crosses the Line

The wind and gusts slowly gained in strength over the course of the day. It made for some very interesting racing, as shifts often caused changes in positions.

Photo: Heather Tries to Catch Up to Erik's Excellent Start Photo: Steve Has Even More Catching Up to Do Photo: Steve and Marika Approach the Committee Boat Photo: Heading to the Mark by the Dam

A good chance for some nice photos as the fleet passed the committee boat.

Photo: Heather Photo: Erik Photo: Shelley Photo: Marika Photo: Steve

Then it's back out to the mark by the dam.

Photo: Back Out to the Windward Mark Photo: Heather Approaches the Finish Photo: Followed by Erik

Shelley, who was sailing Paul Lingen's boat, had some rigging trouble and had to come ashore to fix it. However she was back out in time for the start.

Photo: Shelley Starts by the Committee Boat, While Everybody Else Goes for the Pin End Photo: Erik Tries to Pass Heather Photo: Marika Sits Out on the Gunwale

The weather was picking up, but we had time for one more race.

Photo: Heather, Steve and Erik Approaching the Start Photo: Description Photo: It's Still Pretty Close Photo: But Erik Seems to Have Hung On - For Now

We had some excitement when a float plane blasted through the course on a take-off run.

Photo: A Float Plane Blasted Through the Course on a Take-Off Run

By the end of the fourth race, the wind had really picked up. Heather and Erik made it across the finish line, but the rest decided to head directly in to shore. The race committee agreed, and that was it for racing on Saturday.

As it turned out, the race committee's day was not over yet. They ended up going back out to help a couple of CL14 boats who were finding the wind a bit too much to deal with!

We repeated last year's experiment of holding the AGM outside at four in the afternoon. This was a great success. Shelley's reign as president had reached OMDA's mandatory term limit, and Steve's nomination as the new president was unanimously accepted.

With the AGM out of the way we could take our time enjoying the pot-luck dinner and the campfire afterwards. It was a lovely evening, and the kids had lots of fun playing in the field with glow sticks.

Photo: Everybody Enjoys a Good Dinner Photo: The Kids Decide they Need More Excercise Photo: Tayja Hangs Upside Down Photo: The Kaiser's Younger Granddaughter Poses


Again, the weather on Sunday looked a little threatening, but there was good wind. We had a fairly early start in case the weather didn't hold. The race committee, now missing John, went back to a conventional counter-clockwise course with marks to port, but still in front of the club. We put in three more races and then headed in for lunch (and to be out of the way for the BLSC races in the afternoon).

The threatening weather never materialized. The overcast clouds dispersed, and we had beautiful sunny weather for the afternoon. We had a great time watching the BLSC club races from shore.

Sorry, no racing pictures from Sunday.

Race Results

2014 OMDA Derek Clay Single-Handed Regatta Results
Place Sail No. Crew Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Race 7 Points
1 16562 Heather Pugh 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 6
2 43756 Erik Brendeke 2 2 1 2 2 2 2 11
3 53050 Stephen Steel 4 3 3 DNF 5 4 3 22
4 51161 Marika Beaumont 3 4 4 DNS 3 5 5 24
5 34048 Shelley Beatty 5 DNF DNF DNS 4 3 4 28

Note: Since we sailed 7 races, each sailor's worst result was thrown-out.

Many thanks to Paul Lingen, Paul Coppes and John McCulloch who volunteered as race committee, and of course to Belwood Lake Sailing Club for graciously hosting us.

Photo Credits

Thanks to all those who provided photos:

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