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Killbear Week 2014

This years Killbear Week was held between Saturday August 9 to Sunday August 17 at its usual location: Harold Point campground in Killbear Provincial Park. Besides sailing, there were lots of chances to enjoy traditional camping activities like searching for wildlife and chatting round the campfire.

Photo: Wyatt Identifies a Caterpiller Photo: Tales Around the Campfire


The happy hour on Saturday was a good chance to catch up with friends we hadn't seen for a while.

Photo: John Takes Some Photos Photo: Aleid Proudly Wears His Windsor Scouts T-Shirt Photo: Catching Up with Friends Photo: Really, It Tastes Good


On Sunday we had some nice sunny weather, and the beach was a popular destination.

Photo: A Sunny Day for the Beach Photo: Kevin Imparts Some of His Sand Castle Expertise to Meghan Photo: The Ladies Prefer Their Colourful Umbrellas

At the end of the afternoon there was another chance for a social get together at the Brendeke's site. We could discuss the day's activities and see who else had arrived. This year, Karen Bell and her family joined us for OMDA week all the way from Germany, where she has lived for the last 25 years.

Photo: Our German Visitors Enjoy Snacks Photo: Lois, Paulette and Judy Enjoy a Chat


It was a beautiful morning. Karen caught some early morning visitors at her campsite.

Photo: A Friendly Chipmonk Photo: A Deer Visits the Campsite Photo: That was Tasty Photo: The Fawns Stick Close to their Mother Photo: A Squirrel

Sail-in Happy Hour

On Monday we had a new event this year. Two families with ties to OMDA have acquired cottages on Parry Island across from Lighthouse Point. Kathy Hicks hosted the get together at their cottage. It's a long way from Killbear to the cottages by car, but quite a reasonable trip by boat, so we had a sail-in happy hour.

Photo: The Boats on the Beach Photo: Kaiden and Wyatt Sailed with Marika Photo: Tayja Sailed with Steve Photo: Marika Heads towards Paul in His Foiling Moth Photo: John and Danny Set Off Photo: Marika and Steve Catch Up to Pete and Linda

Randy and Derek ferried extra visitors across in Charger from Lighthouse Point. The Rogers, whose cottage is just a short distance along the shore from the Hicks, provided overflow beach parking and an easily recognizable navigational marker for those arriving by boat!

Photo: The Roger's Shed is Easy to Spot from the Water Photo: There was Even Valet Parking! Photo: The View from the Hick's Cottage Balcony Photo: Kathy Takes a Break from Her Duties as Host to Enjoy a Chat

The floating swim raft was a popular attraction with the kids, and a few of the adults too!

Photo: The Swim Raft was a Big Hit with the Kids


We had a lot of rain Tuesday morning. The campground was quiet, as lots of people decided it was a good time for a resupply run into Parry Sound. However, we had some drier weather in the afternoon, and people took advantage of it on the beach and out on the water. The braver souls ventured out into the wind.

Photo: It's Beach Weather - If You Wear Enough Clothes! Photo: Time for Sandcastles

Of course we had the usual late afternoon social event. Some deer came by to see what all the fuss was.

Photo: The Deer are Back Photo: The Young Deer Contemplates Whether Any of the OMDA Snacks Appeal Photo: Young Humans Have No Such Hesitation Photo: Alison and Derek Photo: Shelley and Meghan Photo: Joanna and Randy Photo: Derek Makes a Point to Ineke Photo: Maureen Teases her Dog with Pretzels Photo: John Raises His Glass (and Develops Some Muscle)


The weather wasn't all that good on Wednesday - more rain. Fortunately, there were crafts to keep the kids busy.

Photo: There were Crafts at the Beaumont's Site


Thursday was fairly nice weather, but the winds were very strong!

Photo: A Squirrel Checks Out the Bike

Only a few sailors ventured out.

Photo: Steve Looks After His Mainsail


Beach Olympics

Poor weather, and very high winds prevented us from holding the poker race this year. The kids were worried there wouldn't be prizes at the corn roast, so Marika organized another episode of sailing themed beach olympics. The kids took them pretty seriously. Some got wind of the events early and were seen putting in practice ahead of time!

Photo: The Spectators Discuss Fine Points of Athletic Form Photo: Marika Explains the Activities Photo: Marika Explains the Events Photo: The Competitors Hang on to Their Results Page Photo: Accuracy Takes Real Concentration Photo: But Others Seem More Relaxed Photo: Miyoko Goes for Altitude Photo: It's a Close Call Photo: The Balance Champion Photo: Putting in Some Last Minute Training Photo: Tayja Has Lots to Carry Photo: Wyatt Studies a Competitors Technique in the Anchor Pull Photo: Ryan Shows Good Form Photo: Plenty of Good Photo Ops for Proud Parents Photo: The Balance Plank was Tricky Photo: Kevin Teaches Balance Technique Photo: Ryan Gets Some Coaching from Dad Photo: Even Beach Olympics Can't Completely Compete with the Search for Frogs Photo: Marika Tallies Up the Scores Photo: Miyoko Takes a Break

That afternoon, the maintenance crew provided the some additional entertainment as they replaced the sign on the beach that had become rather weathered.

Photo: Time to Replace that Worn Out Sign Photo: The New One is Much Nicer

Some, not content to just watch others work, tackled engineering projects of their own!

Photo: Burying Your Friend in the Sand is a Perennial Favourite

There was plenty of wind - too much for the Poker race. Stephen and Karen ventured out in Steve's boat.

Photo: Steve and Karen Launch Bandersnatch Photo: Settling In after Launching Photo: They Head Across to the Sisters

Corn Roast

That evening we had the corn roast. Derek and Alison graciously hosted the event from their site backing on the field, and the younger members made good use of it to wear off some of the energy from all the corn they ate.

Photo: Ineke and Marika Enjoy Some Corn Photo: Marcel, Martin and Steve Photo: Paul and Terry Photo: The Kids Enjoyed Playing in the Field Photo: The Post Corn Roast Campfire

Closing Weekend

Saturday was a nice day, but with quite strong winds. A few of the hardier sailors ventured out to enjoy the wind. Stephen and Karen did a cruise round Rose Island.

On Sunday, we finally had a day with moderate winds, So Karen decided it was safe to take Marcel out for a sail in the same boat that she learned in (Ian Mason had bought the boat from her father, and had lent it to her for OMDA week).

Photo: Karen Tries to Remember Where Everything Goes Photo: Karen Checks the Sail Trim Photo: And Sets a Course Photo: Margaret Joined the Cruise

Others spent the day admiring wildlife

Photo: An Amphibiuous Visitor Photo: A Woodpecker

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