Labour Day Weekend 2013

OMDA spent the Labour Day weekend at Belwood Lake Sailing Club, where we held the Derek Clay Single-Handed Regatta along with our AGM.


No photos at the moment - if you have some, please send them in!

It was a nice sunny day, with light puffy winds. After the first two races, the wind dropped of a lot, and the race committee decided we should head in. After a little while, the wind picked up and we were recalled to the course. The third race merely demonstrated the wisdom of the ISAF tie breaker rules, as it broke a three way tie without changing the placing!

In a break with our usual custom, we held the AGM at the end of the afternoon, before the potluck dinner. This was done to accomodate our president's latest project (who was much admired prior to the meeting).


We didn't have formal races on Sunday, but Steve and Marika took some of the kids for a sail around the lake and too explore the dam.

Race Results

2013 OMDA Labour Day Weekend Results
Place Sail No. Crew Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Points
1 51161 Marika Beaumont 3 1 1 5
2 16512 Heather Pugh 1 3 2 6
3 53050 Stephen Steel 2 2 3 7
4 34048 Paul Lingen 4 4 DNS 13