OMDA Logo Photo: Marika, Heather and Steve Head for the Windward Mark

Provincial Championship Regatta 2012

The Provincial Championship Regatta was held on Saturday September 15 at Sibbald Point Provincial Park.

In spite of some threatening weather, we headed out on the water.

Photo: Launching from the Boat Ramp Photo: Heading Out to the Race Course

First Race

A small shower passed by just after we were about to get started, so we got a bit wet.

Photo: Shelley Crosses the Start Line, followed by Steve and Marika Photo: Marika and Heather Start Photo: Steve has Caught Up to Shelley Photo: The View from the Shore Photo: Approaching the First Mark, Heather has a Small Lead over Shelley, with Steve Just Behind Photo: Heading Back to the Windward Mark, Marika has Taken the Lead Photo: The Spectator's Gallery Photo: Shelley, Steve and Heather Running to the Leeward Mark

Second Race

The wind had shifted, so the race committee moved the start line to the new leeward mark. The good news was that the rain shower was gone. The bad news was so was most of the wind!

Photo: The Start of the Second Race Photo: Shelley Says Hellow to the Race Committee Photo: The Fleet Drifts Towards the Windward? Mark Photo: Heather Approaches the Mark, with Shelley and Marika Behind

Third Race

Good news for the sailors: the wind had picked up a bit. Bad news for the race committee: it was coming fromm a completely different direction, so they had to move the start line yet again.

Photo: Steve and Heather Getting Ready for the Third Start Photo: Shelley, Marika and Steve at the Start Photo: Heading to the First Mark Photo: It's a Tight Group Heading Back Towards the Committee Boat Photo: Steve Sails by the Committee Boat Photo: Marika and Shelley Photo: The Fleet heads Back to the Windward Mark Photo: Marika Rounds the Leeward Mark Photo: Heather Rounds the Leeward Mark Photo: Heather Passes the Committee Boat Photo: Shelley Rounds the Leeward Mark Photo: Steve Rounds the Leeward Mark Photo: Marika, Heather and Steve Heading to the Windward Mark Photo: Shelley and Heather

Fourth Race

We had some quite decent wind for the fourth and last race.

Photo: Steve and Marika Getting Ready for the Fourth Start Photo: Heather is First Across the Start Line Photo: Marika and Shelley are Close Behind Photo: Steve Tries to Catch Up Photo: Steve Stays on Starboard Tack, While the Rest Switch to Port Tack Photo: Steve Heads Towards the Finish Photo: Marika, Heather and Shelley Head to the Finish

The Race Committee (Hanzo and Aleid) head back after retreiving the marks.

Photo: Hanzo and Aleid - Our Race Committee

Most of us retired back to the campsites for a potluck dinner and a campfire.

Race Results

2012 OMDA Provincial Championship Regatta Results
Place Sail No. Crew Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Points
1 51161 Marika Beaumont 1 2 1 2 6
2 36398 Shelley Walker 2 3 2 3 10
3 16562 Heather Pugh 3 1 3 4 11
4 53050 Stephen Steel 4 4 4 1 13

Sadly, all the participants were sailing single-handed. This means no one actually qualified as the provincial champion, since this requires a double-handed crew!

Many thanks to Hanzo vanBeusekom and Aleid Brendeke for serving as the race committee. They did a great job in tricky conditions!

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