Labour Day Weekend 2012

OMDA celebrated another Labour Day weekend at the Belwood Lake Sailing Club in Fergus (near Guelph).


The early arrivals on Friday afternoon had a chance to admire the Mirror 16 that Paul Lingen had restored and was now keeping at Belwood.

Photo: Admiring Paul's Restored Mirror 16

Later, it was time for dinner and dessert!

Photo: Pie for Dessert

Followed by a moonlit campfire.

Photo: The Moon and the Campfire


Although it was a beautiful day on Saturday, there was barely a breath of wind. Eventually the race committee postponed until Sunday.

Photo: Wait, That's Not Your Bottle! Photo: Cocktail Hour in the Shade of the Awning Photo: Pete and Hanzo

That evening, we held the pot-luck dinner and the AGM on the B.L.S.C. club house deck to take advantage of the great weather.

Photo: Elke, Terry, Hanzo, Ineke, and Steve Photo: Alice, John, Margret, Paulette, Danny and Lorne Photo: Kayden, Wyatt, Ynskje, ?, Randy and Marika Photo: Les, ?, Peter, ? and Linda

Followed by a campfire!

Photo: Kayden, Tayja and Wyatt at the Campfire


We woke up on Sunday to some more beautiful weather, but there was also some wind. Since everybody was still rigged from the previous day, we were able to get out on the water quickly to take advantage of the wind. We squeezed in four races before the wind began to die in the afternoon.

Photo: Marika Before the Start of the First Race Photo: Marika and Steve

Mat Won the first race.

Photo: Mat, LEs and Marika at the Start of the First Race Photo: Les, Paul and Marika Beating Upwind to the First Mark Photo: Heading from the Windward Mark Down to the Leeward Mark Photo: Mat Crosses the Finish Line to Win the First Race

Mat and Marika got a good start in the second race, but Steve caught up and won the second race with a convincing lead.

Photo: Mat Gets a Good Start for the Second Race Photo: Paul Crosses the Start Line Photo: Marika Takes an Early Lead as the Fleet Beats Upwind Photo: The Start of the Second Race Photo: Hanzo Helped Out in Rubber Duck

Marika took here revenge in the third race - even breaking out the spinnakers didn't help Steve and Mat catch up!

Photo: Mat, Marika and Les Rounding the Leeward Mark Photo: Marika has a Good Lead, While Steve and Mat Break Out Their Spinnakers Photo: Marika Crosses the Finish Line to Win the Third Race

There was a tight race for second place: Steve rounded the final mark ahead of Mat and Les, but Mat managed to get to the finish line before him.

Photo: Steve Rounds the Final Mark Just Ahead of Mat and Les

Marika pulled off another first place finish in the fourth race to squeak to overall victory in the regatta!

Race Results

2012 OMDA Derek Clay Regatta Results
Place Sail No. Crew Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Points
1 51161 Marika Beaumont 3 3 1 1 8
2 29647 Mat Bienczyk 1 2 2 3 8
3 53050 Stephen Steel 4 1 3 2 10
4 14351 Les Bienczyk 2 4 4 4 14
5 34048 Paul Lingen 5 5 DNS DNS 22

Many thanks to Lorne Bellamy, John McCulloch and Hanzo vanBeusekom for serving as the Race committee. And of course, thanks to the Belwood Lake Sailing Club and Paul Lingen for hosting OMDA.

Photo Credits

Thanks to all those who provided photos: