Killbear Week 2012

The annual highlight of the OMDA calendar, Killbear Week, took place from August 11-19 this year.

In the preceeding weeks, the weather had been so dry that there was a complete fire ban in effect: campfires weren't allowed. Fortunately, Derek was prepared with a propane powered alternative that was more satisfying than the campfire app on his iPhone!

Photo: Propane Campfire at the Pugh's Site


Everyone was shocked at the low Water levels this year.

Photo: The Water Level Was Very Low This Year Photo: Alex on the Rocks

Marika's cousin Hanzo and his family were visiting from Holland, touring in a rented RV. They spent several days at Killbear, visiting with family. Sadly, their stay corresponded to some of the wetter weather we had. Hanzo took Marika's Mirror out for a sail, and Steve went with him. The sailing conditions were ideal and they ended up sailing round Rose Island.

In the mean time, Doug taught Chloe the rudiments of windsurfing.

Photo: Hanzo Sets of for a Sail Round Rose Island Photo: Doug Teaches Chloe How to Windsurf Photo: Steve Takes Cock of the North Out for a Spin Photo: Chloe on the Windsurfer, While Steve and Hanzo are Returning, and the Other Steve Heads Out

After several rainy days, there was a bright note: the fire ban was finally relaxed. Campers could finally enjoy a more traditional campfire.

Photo: Tayja, Wyatt and Kayden Entertain Their Dutch Relatives at a Campfire Photo: Eric and Alex Roasting Marshmallows


Photo: The Low Water Made for Good Hunting Photo: Marika Takes the Twins Out for a Sail

Photo: Rigging the Boats Photo: Just Sitting on the Beach Chatting Photo: Discussing Sailing

At the end of the afternoon we gathered at Terry's site to rehash the day over drinks and snacks.

Photo: Some Fresh Arrivals Photo: There was a Good Spread! Photo: The Food Table was Popular

Photo: Deer in the Campground


We had some rain showers in the morning, but it cleared up and gave us a sunny afternoon. There wasn't much wind until late in the afternoon.

Photo: A Grey Morning

Happy Hour was held at the Walkers campsite at the end of the afternoon.

Photo: Heather, Joanne and Ineke Photo: Emma, Steve and George Photo: There was a Tent Just for the Food! Photo: Emma, Natalie and Meridith

Watching the Sunset from Harold Point is always a popular activity at Killbear. We just hope it predicts good sailing conditions for the next day!

Photo: Kayden Tries his Hand at Photographing the Sunset Photo: Wyatt and Tayja in the Trees Photo: The Sunset Approaches Photo: The Kids are More Interested in the Diving Rocks Photo: The Sunset


The Poker Race

We had perfect weather on Wednesday for the Poker Race.

Hanzo was able to get pictures as boats approached his inflatable over by The Sisters to pick up a card.

Photo: Matt Sails by the Sisters Photo: Steve, Tayja and Shannon Photo: Margret and ? Photo: Ian and Meridith Photo: Marika and Wyatt Photo: Les and ? Photo: Heather and ? Photo: Wim and Daisy Photo: Wim and Daisy Photo: Elaine and Emma Photo: Eric and Alex Photo: Carl, ? and Emily

After the Poker Race there was plenty of time to play naturalist.

Photo: Tayja with a Frog Photo: A Snake in a Pit Photo: Fort Frog Just Keeps Growing

The Corn Roast

Mike and Susan Combes graciously allowed us to use their site for the Corn Roast. There were lots of prizes and plenty of corn.

Photo: There were Lots of Prizes! Photo: Derek, Heather, Roy and Joanna Photo: Pablo Looks Something Up on His Phone Photo: There was a Good Crowd

David's birthday usually falls in the middle of Killbear week, so his dad has learned the art of baking a cake in a dutch over using charcoal!

Photo: Happy Birthdat David Photo: Linda and Daisy

At the corn roast, the Whoopee cushion prize provided much amusement to the younger OMDAites (and to those older members watching them enjoy it!).

Photo: The Whoopee Cushion was a Big Hit Amongst the Younger OMDAites


Thursday morning started early with Aleid preparing a pancake breakfast for all the kids in the OMDA family.

Photo: Alex and Ynskje Photo: Kids Eating Pancakes Photo: They were So Good, There was a Lineup! Photo: His Pancake Looks Tastier Photo: Some Could Only Watch Enviously

The older OMDAites gathered at a later hour in the morning for coffee and doughnuts at Carl and Lois's site.

Photo: Description Photo: Description Photo: Description

Aleid, Les and Mat went for a long cruise round Snake Island and returning through the Canoe Channel. They stopped for a lunch break after the Canoe Channel, to recover from paddling through!

Photo: Les Heading Sailing Out Past Davy Island Photo: Taking a Shore Break after Passing through the Canoe Channel Photo: A Small Beach for a Landing

Steve and Ian and Meridith joined them for the first part of the cruise, but then broke off and stopped at The Pancakes for a picnic.

Photo: Ian and Meridith Heading in Towards the Pancakes Photo: Ian and Meridith Catch a Nice Gust

Mark took Alex out for a sail after Aleid came back from his cruise.

Photo: Mark and Alex?


The morning walkers were out in force.

Photo: The Morning Walkers Stop by the Brendeke's Site

Aleid took Alex up on Harold Point on his bike.

Photo: Aleid with Alex on his Bike

While up on the rocks, Aleid caught some good shots of Paul capsizing his RS Feva!

Photo: Paul's RS Feva Capsizing 1/5 Photo: Paul's RS Feva Capsizing 2/5 Photo: Paul's RS Feva Capsizing 3/5 Photo: Paul's RS Feva Capsizing 4/5 Photo: Paul's RS Feva Capsizing 5/5

Ian and Natalie had a good sail too!

Photo: Natalie and Ian


Photo: Eric and Alex Watch a Deer

Post OMDA Week

There were some good winds on Monday, so Aleid and Steve Went for a Cruise into the Sound and through the Hole in the Wall.

Photo: Aleid Flies His Spinnaker Towards the Hole in the Wall Photo: Arriving at the West End of the Hole in the Wall Channel

They arrived at about the same time as the Island Queen was expected. They decided it would be safest to let the Island Queen have first crack at the narrow channel!

Photo: A Sailboat Heads Through the Hole in the Wall ... Photo: Only to Meet the Island Queen Coming the Other Way!

Photo: Better Give the Island Queen Some Space! Photo: The Island Queen in the channel Photo: Now It's Safe to Go Through the Channel

The wind was nicely aligned with the channel, so it was a simple run to the east side, where they found a spot for a quick picnic lunch.

Photo: Steve Coming in to Land Photo: A Nice Spot for a Picnic

The trip back was a pure beat all the way home.

There was also time for Kayaking.

Photo: Kayaking by the Diving Rocks

Alied did a few more cruises solo.

Photo: A Nice Spot for a Rest Photo: A View of the Lighthouse

Other Photos

Photo: Fawn Browsing in Forest

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