Awards Night 2012

The Awards Night Banquet was held on Saturday, November 17 at the Mimico Cruising Club.

John delivered the opening invocation.

Photo: John Delivered the Opening Invocation

Wendy was visiting and took the opportunity to show off her latest project the to the rest of the OMDAites

Photo: Wendy and Her New Baby Were a Popular Subject for Snapshots!

And, of course, there had to be raffle draws for valuable prizes!

Photo: Heather Draws a Raffle Ticket

It was time to give out some awards. First came the awards for the individual regattas.

The winners of the Victoria Day Weekend Regatta were: Aleid, Steve and Shelley.

The winners of the Derek Clay Single-Handed Regatta were: Marika, Mat and Stephen.

Photo: The Derek Clay Regatta Winners: Marika, Mat, and Steve

This year, the podium for the Provincial Championship Regatta was a clean sweep for the fairer sex - an OMDA first. The winners were: Marika, Shelley and Heather. All the participants sailed single-handed, so sadly no one was eligible for the provincial championship itself.

Photo: The Provincial Championship Regatta Winners: Marika, Shelley, and Heather

Mat was awarded the Hands Across the Sea Trophy

Paul Lingen was awarded the Vulcan Fireproof Trophy.

Photo: Paul Lingen Received the Vulcan Fireproof Trophy

Marika won the Cherry Beach Trophy.

Photo: Marika Won the Cherry Beach Trophy

Paul Lingen wont the B-Fleet Trophy.

Photo: Paul Lingen Won the B-Fleet Trophy

While Marika took the A-Fleet Ranking Trophy.

Photo: Marika Won the A-Fleet Trophy

This year, the Bill Olmstead Award was given to David Hull, in recognition of all the work he has done looking after the OMDA archives. Dave was not able to attend to the dinner.

Photo: The Bill Olmstead Award was Given to David Hull (who was not present)

The keep award was an engraved compass - we hope Dave makes good use of it.

Photo: Close-Up of the Compass Presented to Dave Hull Photo: The Bill Olmstead Award and Compass

Finally, Shelley drew the formal proceedings to a close.

Photo: Shelley Giving the Closing Remarks

But there was still time to chat with friends.

Photo: Linda, Peter and Ineke Photo: Marika, ? and Linda Photo: ? and ? Photo: ?, Marika and Terry Photo: Hanzo and Friends

Many Thanks to Terry for organizing a great event!

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