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Killbear Poker Race 2011

The weather on Wednesday was ideal for an event that is popular with OMDAites of all ages: the Poker Race! Terry celebrated OMDA's 40th anniversery by breaking out a brand new deck of cards that she had been saving for a suitable occasion.

The Prelude

The first order of business was to get your boat rigged and ready to sail.

Photo: Aleid Rigs His Boat

While Terry was preparing the draw to select teams, Aleid explained the course to the participants. There were three checkpoints: Granite Saddle beach, Hanzo's inflatable anchored just south of the Sisters, and the day use beach in Kilcoursie Bay. It was up to each boat to decide what order to visit the checkpoints and pick up a card from each.

Photo: Aleid Explains the Course

The Race

After the running start on the beach, most of the fleet headed to Granite Saddle beach. Natalie and George ignored the crowd and made the bold choice to head to Kilcoursie beach first.

Photo: And They're Off! Photo: The Fleet Heads Towards Granite Saddle

There was some confusion at Granite Saddle, as the fleet arrived faster than those manning the checkpoint. Once that was sorted out, they headed towards the Sisters to find Hanzo and his inflatable.

Photo: Heading Towards Hanzo's Boat by The Sisters Photo: John and Jim Show off Lil Twister's New Paint Job Photo: Taya and Wyatt Elected to Sail with Steve

After picking up a card from Hanzo in his inflatable tucked in behind the Sisters, crews had to decide whether to risk the tricky winds beating between the Islands detour round in more reliable winds.

Photo: Heading Through the Sisters after Picking Up a Card from Hanzo Photo: Heather and Joanne Photo: Natalie and George Coming the Other Way

Back on the Beach

In the poker race, you're not finished until both your and your teammate's boats are parked with their sails down. Natalie's choice paid off in a big way: they were the first boat to arrive back at the Harold Point beach!

Photo: Natalie and George Photo: Michael and Dana Arrive Back at the Beach Photo: Michael Dunks His Crew Photo: Matt and His Crew Photo: Steve and the Twins Photo: Kayley Photographs Heather Dropping Her Sails Photo: Heather and Joanna Beach Touch Wood, While Steve and the Twins Arrive Behind Them Photo: Other Boats Arriving Photo: Margaret and Mathew Photo: Steve and David Photo: Ian and Meridith Photo: Steve Helps Les Park His Boat Photo: Elaine and Emma

Once both boats are parked, the crews have to run to the beach where Terry is waiting with a silly task for them to perform. This year, it was the crab walk.

Photo: Natalie and George Running to the Beach Photo: Joanna, George and Natalie Doing their Crab Walk

Crab walk complete, you could turn in your cards and see what sort of poker hand you and your teammate have accumulated. The winning hand this year was a flush - not bad for best five cards out of six.

Photo: Terry Lets Some of the Less Flexible Participants Stretch the Definition of the Crab Walk!

Finally, the teams have to shuck corn for the evening's corn roast.

Photo: Natalie and Joanna Shucking Corn Photo: Paul, Tianna and Carol Shucking Corn Photo: Shucking Corn

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