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Killbear Week 2011

OMDA's annual camping week at Killbear Provincial Park took place from August 13-21.


Photo: Marika and the Kids Stop for the View on the Lighthouse Point Trail

Photo: The Kids Enjoy the Sand

Photo: Danny and Ineke at the Picnic Shelter Dedication


The wind was a little light at first, but it was a beautiful day to be out on the water.

Photo: Marika Takes the Kids out for a Sail Photo: Steve Takes His Mother Out for a Sail

Cocktail Hour

At the end of the day we got together at Terry's site to rehash the day.

Photo: Happy Hour at Terry's Site Photo: Kayley Doesn't Think Much of the Anecdote! Photo: Marika and Graham


Some of the younger OMDAites found other ways to amuse themselves.

Photo: Future Hydrological Engineers

The Wine and Cheese

The Fitzgeralds hosted their annual Wine and Cheese get together at their site on the loop on the north side of Harold Point.

Photo: The Kids Enjoy the Rocks at the Wine and Cheese Photo: Mathew Joins the Kids on the Rocks Photo: Steve Chats with Brian Photo: The Wine and Cheese at the Fitzgerald's Site Photo: Various Groups Chatting Photo: Taya Scores Some Cheese Photo: Aleid Chats with Michael and Dana Photo: Marika, Ineke, Mary-Ann, Paulette and Margaret


Photo: Doug on his Windsurfer

Poker Race

Photo: Heading Through the Sisters after Picking Up a Card from Hanzo The weather on Wednesday was ideal for the Poker Race. Enough wind to be fun, but not enough to worry the novice sailors.

There are lots more poker race photos.

The Corn Roast

After a busy day of racing, we had to do something with all that shucked corn, announce the winners, and give out the prizes! We met at Hanzo and Ineke's site.

Photo: The Junior Tae Clan Photo: Alison Eats Some Corn Photo: Gathered Round the Fire Photo: Elaine and David Photo: Doug, Carol, Graham and Derek Photo: George, Paul, Michael and Dana Photo: Aleid Nurses his Shoulder

Unfortunately, some light rain later that evening broke up the party. A bear who had been visiting lots of sites in the neighbourhood finally showed up to inspect our clean-up job (he left disappointed).

Photo: A Bear Inspects the Site After the Corn Roast


The Two-o-Clock Race

Steve, Aleid, Heather and Sue held a two-o-clock race.

Photo: Steve, Aleid, Heather and Sue

David's Birthday

At the end of the afternoon we gathered at Steve and Elaine's site to help celebrate David's 11th birthday. There was even a homemade cake!

Photo: David Reads a Card Photo: David Blows Out the Candles Photo: The Delicous Birthday Cake Photo: Taya and Emma



Photo: Discussing the Route Around Sandy Island On Friday, the weather conditions were ideal for cruising. Some of the diehards were feeling ambituous, while others had more modest ambitions. We were able to come up with a hybrid plan that satisfied everyone,

For the whole store, see Cruise Round Rose and Sandy Islands.

Other Photos


Photo: A Deer Wandering in the Middle of the Campground Photo: Wyatt Didn't Scare Him Away Photo: Deer on the Campsite


Photo: Tianna and Kairo Playing in the Water

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