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Killbear Week 2011 Cruise

The weater forecast on Friday was ideal for a cruise. A bunch of sailors met on the Harold Point beach to get organized. Some of the diehards were feeling ambituous, while others had more modest ambitions. We decided to head as a group to the North end of Rose Island. Those wanting a shorter cruise could head back down the Channel between Rose and Parry Islands, While the rest could carry on to Sandy Island. We had a couple of Lasers joining the group, as well as Win and Alison in their Keelboat.

Photo: Beating Toward the Windward End of Rose Island Photo: Frank and One of the Lasers Tacking Up a Narrow Channel

The group split up at the northeast end of Rose Island. Those who had opted for the shorter cruise found a nice spot to have a picnic.

Photo: Wim and Alison Tie Up Photo: A Picnic

Meanwhile, the rest of the group carried on to reach the bottom of Sandy Island. Derek, Randy and Joanne caught up in Charger.

Photo: Mat Photo: Derek Helps Heather Anchor Her Boat Photo: Landing on Sandy Island Photo: Heather Pulls Her Boat Ashore Photo: Boats Wating on the Shoreline Photo: Charger Joined the Sailors Photo: Discussing the Rest of the Route Around Sandy Island

Aleid explained the route around Sandy Island. He mentioned that there were lots of shallow rocks to hit with your daggerboard!

Photo: Aleid Explains the Route to Mat

Photo: Derek Chats with the Laser Sailors

After hearing Aleid's stories of hard to spot shallow rocks, Heather and Frank decided not to risk their pristine daggerboards, so they tried to catch up with the earlier group heading down to the channel between Rose and Parry Islands.

Photo: Heather Heading Down the Rose Channel Photo: Frank Follows

Graham had decided to circumnavigate Rose Island the other way (clockwise), and we met him about halfway along the channel.

Photo: Graham Beats His Way Up the Channel to Meet the Group Photo: Heading for Harold Point after Coming out of the Rose Island Channel

Aleid, Les, Mat, Roy and the other Laser sailor risked the trip round Sandy Island.

Photo: Light House on Sandy Island

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