Thanksgiving Weekend 2010

Some of the sturdier OMDAites braved the cooler fall weather to spend the Thanksgiving weekend camping at Killbear. One last chance to enjoy the park befor the weather gets too cold.


Of course, Aleid was eager to go for a cruise. He managed to get a great sail in to the Lighthouse near Sandy Island in a steady breeze and returned home through Rose Channel.

Photo: View of Lighthouse Near Sandy Island through the Jib Window Photo: A View of Sandy Island

Others just enjoyed the fabulous weather.

Photo: Fall Colours Photo: Just One Lonely Mirror Dinghy on the Beach Photo: Sadly, All the Beautfule Colour Ends Up on the Ground

After a busy day enjoying nature, it's time to relax and eat!

Photo: Back at the Campsite Photo: Buster and Derek Photo: Sitting Down for Dinner at the Van Beusekom's Site Photo: Kayden Tries to Hide


Photo: The View Towards Davy Island Photo: Cousin's Island Photo: A Mix of Red and Green Photo: Let's Add Roy for Contrast! Photo: Yellow Beech Leaves Photo: Kayden and Wyatt Discuss the Finer Points of Balancing on a Log

Everbody Needs a Good Walk

Photo: Quiet Roads in the Campsite Photo: Marika Takes Taya and Wyatt for a Walk, While Kayden Poses Photo: Contemplating the Fall Colours Photo: Arriving at the Day Use Beach Photo: Hitting the Twin Points Trail Photo: Roy and Joanna Photo: An Interesting Mushroom Photo: Derek Checks his Phone Photo: Derek and Randy

Enjoying the view at Twin Points

Photo: Kayley and Derek Photo: Taya, Wyatt and Kayden at Twin Points Photo: Kayden, Wyatt and Taya Photo: Heather at Twin Points Photo: Randy Takes a Photograph Photo: A Distinguished Tree

Then it's time to head back.

Photo: Back to the Beach Photo: Randy and Killbear's Famous Sign Photo: Wild Berries

Rock Lake

Some of the OMDAites spent the preceding week camping at Rock Lake in Algonquin Park. They had wonderful weather, and the week was well attended. They hiked, biked, and kayaked.

Photo: Canoes in the Mist

On Thursday they tackled the Booth Trail. Aleid wore his wooden shoes to make it extra challenging.

Photo: View of Rock Lake from the Peak of the Booth Trail Photo: Everybody Takes a Well Earned Break at the Top Photo: A Moose Watches Margaret Kayak By Photo: Aleid Sillouetted Against the Waterfall

Aleid's fishing partner and camp host

Photo: Our Host - Uncle Buck

And of course, there were some good meals!

Photo: A Pleasant Dinner Outside Photo: The View from the Other End of the Table

Photo Credits

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