Midland Regatta Weekend 2010

The Midland Regatta weekend was held June 26 and 27 at the Bayfort Camp just outside Midland. There was plenty of excitement earlier in the week as a tornado passed through Midland causing much damage. The Bayfort camp wasn't affected, but the Tornado did cross Odgen's Beach Road just up the hill from the intersection with highway 12.

Sadly, the tornado seems to exhausted Midland's wind quota for the week: there was no wind left for the weekend. We didn't manage to sail any races. Otherwise, the weather was quite nice, so we did manage to have a pleasant camping weekend.


Kayley and Tay inspect the surface of Georgian Bay: carefully noting the absence of wind induced waves!

Photo: Kayley and Taya Inspect the Water

Aleid teaches Taya a useful skill for wind free days.

Photo: Aleid Teaches Taya to Paddle a Kayak Photo: Steve Plays Rent a Toddler


Photo: Socializing after Breakfastr

There was no more wind on Sunday than there had been on Saturday.

Photo: Aleid, Steve and Paul Search in Vain for Signs of Wind

Photo Credits

Thanks to Marika Beaumont for the photos.