Labour Day Weekend 2010

The Labour Day Weekend was held on September 3-5 at the Belwood Lake Sailing Club near Fergus (outside Guelph).

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The winds were very strong on Saturday: no races were held. The winds were not entirely wasted however.

Photo: Kite Flyers

The Potluck Dinner

It was raining, so we held the potluck dinner in the B.L.S.C. clubhouse.

Photo: Potluck Dinner in the Clubhouse Photo: Even the Ping Pong Table was Used

The Annual General Meeting

The AGM was held later in the evening.

The Campfire

Since it was still raining after the AGM was over, we had to settle for huddling around a propane heater in the clubhouse.



The weather was better on Sunday: we actually got some sunny weather for part of the day, and the wind wasn't quite as fierce as Saturday. But there were plenty of sudden gusts, and they took their toll on the participants!

Photo: Steve Edges Past Mat after Rounding the Leeward Mark Photo: Les Rounds the Mark Photo: Don and Heather at the Start of the Second Race Photo: Heather Heads Downwind Across the Finish Line

Paul and Mike manned the B.L.S.C. safety boat. There were pleny of capsizes and equipment failures to keep them busy.

Shelley accepts a tow after the line attaching her main sail to the top of the gaff failed.

Photo: Paul and Mike Offer Shelley a Tow Photo: They Head for the Dock

The Campfire

Sunday evening was much drier, so those who were staying until Monday were able to enjoy a fire.

Photo: It's Warmer with a Campfire Photo: But a Blanket Helps Too!

Race Results

2010 OMDA EventName Results
Place Sail No. Crew Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Points
1 69927 Greg Loffree 1 1 1 3
2 70098 Don Alp 2 2 3 7
3 16562 Heather Pugh 3 3 2 8
4 36398 Shelly Walker 6 4 DNF 20
5 29647 Mat Bienczyk 4 DNF DNS 24
6 53050 Stephen Steel 5 DNS DNS 25
7 20755 Ian Mason 7 DNS DNS 27
8 14351 Les Bienczyk DNF DNS DNS 30
9 25970 Natalie Mason DNS DNS DNS 30

Thanks to Lorne and Hanzo for volunteering to serve as the race committee, and to Paul and Mike for manning the safety boat. And of course, thanks to B.L.S.C. for hosting the event.

Photo Credits

Thanks to all those who provided photos: