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Killbear Week 2010

Photo: Panoramic View of the Beach at Harold Point

The annual OMDA Killbear week was held on Killbear Provincial Park August 15-22.

The Week Before

Many OMDAites came up the week before to relax a bit before the busy OMDA week. It's a great chance to have some fun and catch up with old friends.

Photo: Taya and Wyatt Enjoy the Water Photo: Graham, Mary Jane, Linda and Ynskje on the Beach Photo: Lorne and John Photo: Derek and Don

The Mirror fleet had a new addition. Heather's Touch Wood drew many admiring glances.

Photo: Heather Tries Out her New Toy

And of course there were plenty of campfires.

Photo: A Cheery Campfire

Some even tried a bit of sailing.

Photo: Shelley Takes her New Husband Out for a Sail Photo: Linda and Peter Go for a Sail Photo: Paul and Steve Brave the Tremendous Winds

Others preferred traditional beach activities.

Photo: They Also Serve Who Sit and Knit Photo: A Busy Day on Seagull Rock

Photo: Panoramic View of the Beach


The first official day of OMDA week started with a casual race. The wind was from the south, so we raced round Cousin's Island.

Photo: The Fleet Sets Off Around Cousin's Island

Not everyone was interested in sailing.

Photo: Decorating for the Wedding Shower


Photo: Les, Watch Out for the Island Queen! Photo: Graham Buttons Everything Up for the Night Photo: Happy Hour Photo: John Attempts to Tow his Launching Dolly


Some Heavy Weather

There were some serious winds on Monday - too much for some sailors.

Photo: Threatening Weather Photo: Boat in Trouble Photo: Sailing in Big Waves

Others decided to stay on stable land!

Photo: Wyatt and Taya Explore the Rocks

The Hulls hosted a happy hour in the afternoon to celebrate Danna and Michael's upcoming wedding.

Photo: The Happy Couple Photo: Margaret Proposes a Toast to Michael and Danna


There was plenty to watch on the beach.

Photo: Simon Kept Us Entertained on the Beach

This year was the 50th anniversery of Killbear Provincial Park. Terry held a happy hour to celebrate for all of us who were celebrating 50 years in 2010!

Photo: The 50th Anniversery Party Photo: Shelley Discusses the Latest Digital Technology with Kayden


It was a bright sunny day.

Photo: The Diving Rock on Wednesday Morning

The Poker Race

A highlight of the OMDA week for many is the Poker race. The wind conditions were just about perfect.

Photo: Gathering on the Beach to Watch the Fun Photo: Michael and Danna Beside Juno Photo: Terry Chats with Elaine and Emma Photo: Carl Gives Some Sage Advice to his Daughter and Grandchildren Photo: Tianna and Greg Get Ready Photo: Danna and Michael Rig their Boat Photo: Touch Wood Gathers Admirers Photo: Alan and Friend

Once everyone was ready, the rules of the race were explained.

Photo: Aleid Explains the Start

Finally, they were ready to start.

Photo: Boats Massed for the Start Photo: Michael and Danna in Juno Photo: Steve and Paula Photo: Carl and his Granddaughter Photo: Natalie and her Friend Photo: Paul and his Passenger Photo: Margaret and John

Just Sailing for Fun

After the poker race, there was still plenty of wind for those who still wanted some more sailing.

Photo: Paul and Greg Take the 49er for a Spin

The Corn Roast

That evening we gathered on Paul and Elke's site for the corn roast. This year we had beans as well as corn!

Photo: 4 Way's of Enjoying Corn on the Cob Photo: Taya Tackles a Cob of Corn Photo: The Party Continued as it Got Dark Photo: Derek, Roy and Elaine Eat Corn

The OMDAites had managed to cobble together the makings of a birthday cake for David.

Photo: David Blows Out his Candles


Pancake Breakfast for the Kids

Aleid hosted a pancake breakfast for the junior OMDAites

Photo: The Beaumont Clan Dominted one Side of the Table Photo: Pancake breakfast for the kids Photo: MMMMmmm, Seconds!

Of course, not everybody wanted to eat pancakes that morning!

Photo: Snake Making a Tasty Breakfast of Fresh Frog


Coffee and Donuts

The morning started with the traditional coffee and donuts at the Butlers.

Photo: Coffee and Donuts for the Grownups at the Butlers Site Photo: Chatting Over Coffee and Donuts

Cruise Around Rose Island

As the weather seemed suitable, a small group of us decided to cruise around Rose Island.

Photo: Marika has a Full Crew: Kayden, Wyatt and Taya Photo: Setting out for Rose Island Photo: Marika Gets a Photo of the Coast Guard Ship Samuel Risley Photo: Elaine and Emma in Cheeky Monkey

Sadly, after we had beat our way upwind to the top of Rose Island, the wind flipped around. We had to come back the way we'd come as beating our way along the narrow channel would be very difficult.

Another Happy Hour

This time the festivities were held at the Kaiser's campsite to celebrate Peter and Linda's 50th wedding anniversery!

Photo: Linda and Peter Celebrate their 50th Anniversery


As the weather report for Sunday was rather dismal, many packed up on Saturday. Diehards Les, Mat and Aleid took advantage of the easterly wind with an attempt to sail through the Hole in the Wall in the Sound.

Photo: Launching Dollys Wait for Aleid, Les and Mat to Return Photo: Mat Going through the Hole in the Wall Photo: There are Fewer Boats on the Beach

Wim and Alison stopped by to say goodbye.

Photo: Wim and Alison Moor Audacia off the Small Beach


Wim and Alsion took Ynskje, Linda, Daisy and Pete for a cruise on their keelboat Audacia, while Aleid tagged along in his Mirror. Late in the afternoon, a long way from Harold Point, they ran out of wind. Aleid was stranded on Franklin Island until he could hitch a lift.

Photo: Audacia Heads to Franklin Island Photo: ALeid Runs Out of Wind Photo: Monarch Butterflies on Franklin Island Photo: Aleid Paddles to Wim's Boat

Fortunately, Audacia has an engine as well as sails!

Photo: Reunited with Ynskje Photo: Daisy Navigates Home

Other Photos


The third generation of OMDAites are popular subjects for photo ops.

Photo: Tianna Practices her Acrobatics

Photo: The Brendeke's Granddaughter Alex Takes her First Dip in Georgian Bay Photo: Kobi Filling his Watergun Photo: Beaumont Nuts on the Rocks


Photo: Aleid Stops for Lunch  at the Southern Tip of Sandie Island


Photo: A Deer in the Bush Photo: A Deer Browses in the Forest Photo: A Deer Ventures onto the Campground Road Photo: Fawn in the Woods Photo: Loon Photo: Woodpecker

Photo Credits

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