Awards Night Dinner 2010

The annual OMDA Awards Night Dinner was held on Saturday November 13 at the Port Credit Yacht Club.

Photo: Judy, Martin, Mary-Jane, Graham, Lorne and Alice Photo: Margret, David, Linda, Peter, Aleid and Ynskje Photo: Shelley, Derek, Heather, Kevin, Terry (hidden), Matt and Marika Photo: Les, Anne, John, Danny, Hanzo and Ineke Photo: Les, Janet, Paulette, Johanna and Roy

The Windsor branch of OMDA (Don, Liz, Elaine and Steve) couldn't make it to the main Awards Night dinner, so they held a satellite event closer to home. Derek and Randy tried to set up an Internet link so they could watch the awards live (sadly, they were stymied by a flaky WiFi connection).

Photo: Derek and Randy Try to Setup a Link with the Windsor Branch


Besides a chance to see everyone dressed up, Awards Night is about awards!

Victoria Day Weekend Regatta

The winners of the Victoria Day Weekend Regatta were

  1. Don Alp
  2. Aleid Brendeke
  3. Heather Pugh

Don wasn't present to accept his award in person.

Photo: Heather Accepts her Keeper Plaque Photo: Aleid Accepts his Award

Derek Clay Single-Handed Regatta

The winners of the Derek Clay Single-Handed Regatta were

  1. Greg Loffree
  2. Don Alp
  3. Heather Pugh

Neither Greg nor Don were present to accept their awards in person.

Photo: Heather Accepts her Plaque for the Derek Clay Regatta

Provincial Championship Regatta

The winners of the Provincial Championship Regatta were

  1. Heather Pugh
  2. Marika Beaumont
  3. Stephen Steel

Photo: Steve Accepts his Plaque Photo: Marika Accepts her Plaque Photo: Heather Accepts First Place Photo: The Winners of the Provincial Championship Regatta

Cherry Beach Challenge Trophy

Heather Pugh was awarded the Cherry Beach Challenge Trophy.

Photo: Description

Hands Across the Sea Trophy

Mat Bienczyk was awarded the Hands Across the Sea Trophy

Photo: Mat Accepts a New Namplate for the Hands Across the Sea Trophy

B-Fleet Ranking

Ian Mason wont the B-Fleet Ranking Trophy (but he was not present to accept it in person).

Photo: The B-Fleet Winner is Announced

A-Fleet Ranking

Heather Pugh won the A-Fleet Ranking Trophy.

Photo: Heather Accepts the A-Fleet Ranking Trophy

Vulcan Fireproof Trophy

Stephen Steel was awarded the Vulcan Fireproof Trophy.

Photo: Steve Accepts the Vulcan Fireproof Trophy from Shelley and Marika

Junior Achievement Trophy

Natalie Mason was awarded the Junior Achievement Trophy (but she was not present to accept it in person).

Bill Olmstead Award

This year, the Bill Olmstead Award was given to Paulette Tae.

Photo: What Can It Be? Photo: A Calculator that Doesn't Need Reading Glasses Photo: Something for the Garden Photo: Paulette Accepts the Bill Olmstead Award

Many thanks to Paulette for organizing the dinner!

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