Family Camp 2009

The Family Camp was held on July 15-19 in the group camping area at Pittock Lake in Woodstock. This was a good chance for some of the newer sailors in the group to get some instruction from some more experienced sailors.


Dave and Emma were all ready to sail.

Photo: Ready to Sail

But there wasn't much wind.

Photo: Pittock Lake


The weather looked more promising Saturday morning.

Photo: Some Nice Weather Photo: Shelley Prepares an Elaborate Meal Photo: Terry, Shelley, Derek & Heather

Time to get out on the water. They set up a mini race.

Photo: Sailing at Pittock Photo: David & Steve Photo: David & the Water Cannon Photo: Downwind in the Mini Race Photo: The Mini Race Photo: Emma & Elaine

After sailing, it's time to relax.

Photo: Shelley, Emma, Natalie and Ian Photo: Cocktails at the Pughs

After dinner, it was time to shoot something with a giant water ballon slingshot! Everyone wanted a turn.

Photo: Kayley Tries the Water Balloon Slingshot Photo: Kayley Photo: Ian and Meredith Photo: Shelley Photo: David Photo: Ben Photo: Kayden and Randy Photo: Diana with Some Serious Power! Photo: Emma Photo: Heather Photo: Wyatt, Marika and Taya

This is what they were aiming at:

Photo: The targets Photo: Derek Photo: Trainer Terry ! Photo: A Pretty Sky Photo: Some Campers Setting Up Photo: More Campers Photo: The Beaumonts and Richardsons

Once it got dark, it was time for a campfire.

Photo: Camp Fire Photo: Pittock Camp Fire Photo: Charles Dries his Shirt


There was some light rain on Sunday morning.

Photo: A rainy Sunday morning huddle Photo: Oh no ... Kayden found the wrong leg!

Photo Credits

Thanks to Derek Pugh and Steve and Elaine Richardson for their photos from the event.