Victoria Day Weekend 2009

The traditional start to the OMDA season is the Victoria Day long weekend at Belwood Lake Sailing Club in Fergus (just outside Guelph).


There were some fierce winds on Saturday, but there were some willing sailors up to the challenge. Some, who'd originally intended to sail single-handed, decided it was a good occaison to practice their crewing skills.

Charger didn't make it out onto the water, as a small but vital part didn't make it out of winter storage: the fuel line connecting the gas tank to the outboard motor. Fortunately B.L.S.C. came to our rescue by allowing us to borrow their boat, so we were able to run a couple of races. Tony Wright, the B.L.S.C. Commodore, helped out in the committee boat and got some great racing photos.

Photo: M70098 Dabulamanzi Photo: Paul Crewed with John in Lil' Twister Photo: Lean Out Hard When the Gust Hits Photo: See, There's Nothing to Worry About ... Photo: Until I Dump You in the Cold, Cold, Water Photo: Lil' Twister on a Reach Photo: Aleid Braves the Wind Alone Photo: A Close Start Photo: Off to the Windward Mark Photo: Heather Also Braves the Gusts Single-Handed Photo: Aleid Keeps his Boat Nice and Level Photo: A Tight Race at the Windward Mark Photo: Then It's a Run Downwind Photo: Heather on a Broad Reach Photo: Marika and Kayley Photo: Heather Rights Her Boat Photo: Don Hikes Right Out Photo: Lil' Twister on the Beat Photo: Lil' Twister on a Reach Photo: A Gust Hits Dabulamanzi

After sailing, it was good to nice to get out of the wind and warm up.

Photo: Happy Hour After Sailing


The campfire was much appreciated with the cooler evening weather!

Photo: Huddled Round the Campfire Photo: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Photo: Hanzo Speaking Round the Campfire


The wind was colder and stronger the next morning. We held the President's pancake breakfast in the B.L.S.C. clubhouse.

Photo: Aleid Serves Up Some Pancakes Photo: A Great Breakfast for All Ages!

The Results

The severe conditions showed up in the results as plenty of DNFs and DNSs. Congratulations to all those who survived!

2009 OMDA Victoria Day Weekend Regatta Results
Place Sail No. Crew Race 1 Race 2 Points
1 70098 Don Alp
2 1 3
2 20758 Marika Beaumont
Kayley Pugh
3 2 5
3 31341 John McCulloch
Paul Lingen
4 3 7
4 67069 Aleid Brendeke 1 DNF 11
5 53050 Stephen Steel DNS DNS 18
6 Paul Lingen DNS DNS 18
7 16562 Heather Pugh DNF DNS 18
8 63840 Heather Alp

Note: Those sailing single-handed were assessed a penalty of 1 point per race.

Photo Credits

Thanks to Tony Wright for some great photos on the water, and Paulette Tae and John McCulloch for those taken on land