OMDA Logo Photo: A Close Start, with Many Skippers Opting for Port Tack

Midland Regatta 2009

The Midland Regatta was held on the weekend of June 20 and 21 at the Bayfort Family Camp just outside Midland.


There was some rain in the morning, but there was no thunder and lightning, so we got busy rigging out boats.

Photo: Kayley Rigs Moon Toad Photo: Mat and Mike Get Ready Photo: Heather Readies Pooh Stick

Things are so wet, Steve considers adding weeping tile to his boat!

Photo: Steve, Are You Sure the Class Rules Allow That? Photo: Aleid Is Bundled Up Against the Rain

We get out on the water, but the wind is underwhelming.

Photo: Waiting for the Start Photo: See, There's Some Wind

And they're away at the start.

Photo: Marika Gets a Good Start Photo: Shelley Inches Ahead of Heather

Things started to get wetter, so we don't have a lot of photos. By the end of the second race, there wasn't much wind left.

Photo: Aleid Crosses the Finish Line - Slowly

We head for home, and hope we get to shore before our boats fill with rain - we weren't moving fast enought for the bailers to help much.

Photo: Now the Races are Over, It's OK to Paddle for Shore Photo: Steve, You Look a Little Damp!

Les took some pretty pictures of the rain making patterns on the water while the committee waited for the rest of the fleet.

Photo: Pretty Rain Patterns on the Water Photo: Some Stragglers Cross the Finish Line

Everything was wet once we were done, but we had some sun to dry things out.

Photo: There was Lots of Equipment to Hang Out to Dry

We all enjoyed a delicous and filling dinner at Henry's Fish Restaurant (just a short walk from the campground).

Photo: A Group of Hungary Sailors Photo: We Needed Several Tables

And dried out around the campfire in the evening.

Photo: Enjoying the Campfire


The weather on Sunday was just about perfect, so we got out on the water for an early start.

Photo: That's a Nice Little Lead Photo: Reaching to the Leeward Mark Photo: Kayley Tries to Catch Up to Mat and Mike Photo: Shelley is Closing the Gap

With conditions like this, it's time for another race!

Photo: A Lot of the Fleet Opts to Start on Port Tack Photo: Kayley Says Hello as She Passes the Committee Boat Photo: Paul Lingen in the Committe Boat Photo: Reaching Towards the Gybe Mark

There was Time for one More Short Race.

Photo: Aleid Shows Fine Form Photo: Steve Gets the Inside, and Sneaks Ahead of Mat and Mike Rounding the Mark Photo: Kayley Heads for Shore

While the competitors pack their boats up, Paul calculates the results.

Photo: Kayley Packs Up the Boat Photo: Paul Calculates the Results

And watching others work is always a favourite activity.

Photo: We Love Work, We Could Watch it All Day

Race Results

Finally, it's time to announce the results.

Photo: Announcing the Results Photo: Paul Makes a Point

2009 OMDA Midland Regatta Results
Place Sail No. Crew Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Points
1 43756 Aleid Brendeke 2 1 1 1 1 8
2 36398 Shelley Walker 1 3 6 3 3 14
3 16562 Heather Pugh 4 2 3 6 2 15
4 53050 Stephen Steel 3 4 2 2 4 15
5 20758 Marika Beaumont 5 5 4 4 DNF 22
6 29647 Mat Bienczyk
Michael Pagacz
7 6 5 7 5 23
7 1455 Kayley Pugh 8 8 7 5 6 30
8 Richard Kropman 6 7 8 8 DNS 33

Note: Those sailing single-handed were assessed a penalty of 1 point per race, and each crew's worst result was thrown-out.

Those with a good memory will realize these results differ slightly from those announced at the end of the event. While reviewing the results, the committe noticed they had made mistake adding up points and that Steve and Heather were actually tied in points. The usual tie-breaker, rule A8.1 of the Racing Rules of Sailing, didn't help as they both had the same results in their best four races (in different order). The tie was broken by rule A8.2: Heather beat Steve in the last race.

Many thaks to Les Bienczyk and Paul Lingen for volunteering to serve as the race committee. Since he wasn't sailing in the race, Les was kind enough to lend his boat Moon Toad so both Kayley and Heather Pugh could race. And thanks to Paulette for bringing Charger to and from the event.

Paulette presented Mat and Mike with a cheque - the results of some fundraising for their trip to Wales for the Mirror Worlds later this summer. We hope they have a great time. Good Luck!

Photo: Paulette Gives Mat and Mike a Cheque

Photo Credits

Many thanks to Les Bienczyk for capturing some great photos of the races from the committee boat and on shore.