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Killbear Week 2009 - Poker Race

Fortunately the wind picked up Wednesday afternoon so conditions were perfect for the Poker Race. Terry and Marika had things well organized, and the race was started pretty quickly. We had a great turnout: 18 Mirrors sailed in the Poker race.

First it was time to rig the boats, hold the skippers meeting, and pick team partners.

Photo: Getting Ready for the Poker Race Photo: Marika Discusses Preparations Photo: Stephen and Katrina Rig the Boat while their Visitors Watch Photo: Steve Shows His John his Favourite T-shirt Photo: Terry Gives Instructions at the Skippers Meeting

With everyone ready, the race could begin.

Photo: They're Off - The Crews Run to Join the Skippers Waiting to Launch the Boats Photo: The Crews Climb into their Boats Photo: Juno Makes a Great Start - While Michael Climbs in, Danna Rigs the Spinnaker Photo: More Boats Get Underway Photo: Some Opt to Sail to Granite Saddle First Photo: While Others Sail Across to Rose Island

While the race was in progress, a tall ship sailed in from Georgian Bay, past the park, and into the sound.

Photo: A Tall Ship Sails By Photo: Stopping for Repairs at the Checkpoint

Once both teams had returned to the Harold Point beach, there was still the silly task: transporting a marshmallow round a figure-eight course between each pair of crewmembers without holding it.

Photo: At the Finish Line Photo: Rich Ate the Marshmallow! Photo: A Different Technique

The final scores depended on what Poker hand each team had accumulated as well as how fast they finished.

Photo: It's All in the Cards Photo: A Winning Team: Richard, Danna, Mike and Margaret with Organizer Terry

Photo Credits

Thanks to all those who took photos: Elaine Richardson, David Hull, Hanzo VanBeusekom, Derek Pugh, Stephen and George Steel.