OMDA Logo Photo: Boats Pulled Up on the Rocky Shore

Killbear Week 2009 - Cruise to The Pancakes

Thursday was another fine day. Aleid lead a group cruise to The Pancakes, a pair of Islands about 8 km from Harold Point. They departed from the beach a little after 11:00 am. There was just enough wind, but it was a slow beat most of the way there.

Photo: Marika and the Twins

After a long beat upwind, a girl's thoughts take a predictable turn. Fortunately Elaine was prepared and had remembered the essential supplies!

Photo: Elaine Remembers to Bring Some T.P.

Then it's time for a picnic lunch.

Photo: The Girls on the Rock Photo: Boats Pulled Up on the Rocky Shore Photo: A Picnic Lunch Photo: Steve and David Photo: The Boat Masts Make and Interesting Pattern Photo: So Does the Rock Photo: Randy, Kayden, Wyatt, Marika and Taya

Some other sailors make it to the Pancakes too.

Photo: A Laser Catches Up Photo: The Fearless Leader - Aleid Photo: Greg and his 49er Make it to the Pancakes Too

Time for a souvenir photo.

Photo: The Richardsons Pose with the Sign Photo: Amanda, Natalie, and Ian

Then it's time to head for home.

Photo: Heading Home Photo: Heather Returns Her Passenger Safely Home to the Harold Point Beach

Photo Credits

Thanks to Derek and Heather Pugh for some great photos.