OMDA Logo Photo: A Detail from Steve's Shirt

Killbear Week 2009 - The Luau

Elaine and Steve Richardson initiated a new event: the Friday night Luau. Many OMDAites were able to rise to the sartorial challenge, arriving in Hawaiian themed finery — I think they may have known about the event when they were packing!

Photo: Wendy, Robyn, Heather, and Kayley Photo: Wyatt Photo: Marika and Taya Photo: The Walker Clan Photo: Derek Gets a Leg Up on the Luau Photo: Marika, Don and Richard Photo: Meridith Investigates the Tropical Fruits Photo: The World's Smartest Dog and the Pughs Photo: Don & Steve ... Looking Good Photo: Richard and the Little Ones

The Luau conincided with David's birthday, so there was a cake!

Photo: Kayden Liked the Cake Photo: Laser Roy and His New Hairdo Photo: However they're Dressed, OMDAites Love to Chat Photo: Aleid, Ineke and Paulette Photo: Martin and Ynske Photo: Emma, Katrina, Amanda and Natalie Photo: Luau ... Later On Photo: Big Kids Writing with Sparlkers

Photo Credits

Thanks to Elaine Richardson and Martin Walker for the pictures.