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Killbear Week 2009 - Corn Roast

The corn roast was held Wednesday evening. Many thanks to Jim and Mary-Lou Clubine for allowing us to use their site, which is next to the field.

Photo: David, Wyatt, Kayden and his new buddy Luke Photo: Corn roast Photo: The Corn Roast on the Field Photo: We Needed a Big Circle for all the Chairs Photo: Ian and the teens Photo: Aleid Tries to Redirect the T-shirt Photo: Lynne Photo: Don Photo: Kayley and Taya

Terry announced the winners of the Poker Race, and all the participants got their chance to find a prize from the prize table.

Photo: The Junior Champions: Kayley, Nicholas and Simon

By then it was getting fairly dark.

Photo: John Asks for Stories about Peter Pugh Photo: Robyn

With the formalities over, many people retired to the campfire. Danny led everyone in a sing-song (without dropping a stitch!).

Photo: Danny is Unable to Keep Mary-Lou Awake! Photo: Sing Along with Danny Round the Campfire

Photo Credits

Thanks to all those who took photos: Martin Walker, Elaine Richardson, Derek and Heather Pugh.