OMDA Logo Photo: Boats Heading to Granite Saddle During the Poker Race

Killbear Week 2009

This years annual OMDA Killbear week was held on August 9-16, at Killbear Provincial Park.


Some casual sailing to get warmed up for the week to come.

Photo: Shelley Finds a 'Gray't Day to Go Out in a Mirror Photo: Shelley Comes Back Smiling from Crewing on the 49er


The first races of the Junior Provincial Championship were sailed in the morning. Unfortunately, no one has sent in any photos yet.

And those not on the water find things to do too!

Photo: The Morning Walkers


In the morning, the final races of the Junior Provincial Championship were completed.

2009 OMDA Junior Provincial Championship Results
Place Sail No. Crew Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Points
1 38313 Nicklaus Tessaro 1 1 1 3
2 16562 Kayley Pugh 2 2 2 6
3 Simon Harmgarth 3 3 3 9

Note: Since everybody sailed single-handed, there no penalty was assessed.

Of course, in the afternoon there was the regular two o-clock race.

Photo: Mike and Danna Cross the Finish Line Just Ahead of John

Later in the afternoon, Wim and Alison arrived to show off their new boat.

Photo: Dusk on the Beach, with Wim and Alison's New Boat in the Background

The Roger's Anniversery

Photo: Carol is Congratulated Tuesday's cocktail hour get together was held at the Roger's campsite: Doug and Carol were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversery!

In addition to the usual drinks and snacks there was a fancy cake.

Photo: The Happy Couple Photo: Cutting the Cake


Wednesday was a busy day on the OMDA week calendar: capsize practice, the poker race, and the corn roast.

Capsize Practice

Photo: The Cheeky Monkey and Emma Wednesday morning was a beautiful sunny day. It was ideal for practicing recovering from a capsize. Shelley borrowed Elaine's camera and got some great shots from Charger in the midst of all the action.

See all the capsize practice photos.

The Poker Race

Photo: More Boats Get Underway Fortunately the wind picked up Wednesday afternoon, so conditions were perfect for the Poker Race. Terry and Marika had things well organized, and the race was started pretty much on time. We had a great turnout: 18 Mirrors sailed in the Poker race.

There are lots more poker race photos.

The Corn Roast

Photo: David, Wyatt, Kayden and his new buddy Luke The corn roast was held Wednesday evening. Many thanks to Jim and Mary-Lou Clubine for allowing us to use their site, which is next to the field.

The results of the Poker Race and the Junior Provincial Championships were announced at the corn roast.

There are lots more corn roast photos.


Cruise to The Pancakes

Photo: The Richardsons Pose with the Sign Thursday was another fine day. Aleid lead a group cruise to The Pancakes, a pair of Islands about 8 km from Harold Point. They departed from the beach a little after 11:00 am. There was just enough wind, but it was a slow beat most of the way there.

There are lots more photos from the cruise to The Pancakes.


Coffee and Donuts

The day started with the Carl and Lois hosting their annual coffee and donut gathering in the morning.

Photo: Coffee and Donuts at the Butlers Photo: There's Something Interesting About John's Shirt Photo: Don, Margaret and Linda Drinking Coffee

Photo: Dogs and Kids are a Natural Mix The get together isn't just for people.

Photo: I Want Someone to Play with too Photo: Where'd the Kid Go?

The Afternoon Race

The two o-clock race was slow getting started (by 50 minutes!). The wind was more from the south than normal, so we moved the start line south a bit and used a different course: between the Sisters, then around Cousin's Island and back to the Harold Point beach. Rounding the Islands makes plenty of opportunities for the lead to change: do you cut it close and risk being becalmed in the wind shadow, or play it safe and leave a wider margin?

Photo: Just After the Start of Friday's Race

The Luau

Photo: Wendy, Robyn, Heather, and Kayley Elaine and Steve Richardson initiated a new event: the Friday night Luau. Many OMDAites were able to rise to the sartorial challenge, arriving in Hawaiian themed finery (I think they may have known about the event when they were packing!)

There are lots more Luau Photos.


A Remembrance of Peter Pugh

We were all greatly saddened to hear that Peter Pugh, a long time OMDA member, had passed away shortly before the start of OMDA week. After the end of racing on Saturday afternoon we all gathered on Derek and Heather's campsite to remember him. Derek gave a short speech about his father. Then John McCulloch read from a collection of reminiscences about Peter he had been gathering all week from those who knew him.

Photo: The Pughs in Front of Peter's Boat Pooh Stick Photo: John Reading Stories about Peter Photo: After the Stories Photo: Chatting about Peter and Other Things

We ended the gathering with a group photo in front of Peter's Mirror: M16562 Pooh Stick.

Photo: A Group Photo of the Gathering in Front of Pooh Stick


By the end of the week, David and Emma were ready to try sailing solo in the safe sheltered waters near the beach.

Photo: David is Solo Photo: Looking Good Photo: Emma is Solo

Miscellaneous Photos

There is even a beach just for four legged campers.

Photo: OK, Who is Going to Throw this Stick Again? Photo: Beach Buddies

Photo: The Bigfoot Convoy Sets Out for Killbear Photo: Well it's Red, but Where are the Sails?

Photo Credits

Thanks to all those who took photos: Martin and Shelley Walker, Steve and Elaine Richardson, David and Margaret Hull, Peter Kaiser, Carol Roger, Hanzo VanBeusekom, Derek and Heather Pugh, Stephen and George Steel.