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Victoria Day Weekend 2008

We had a wide variety of weather conditions over the course of the weekend: the only thing missing was decent sailing weather.

Friday Evening

It's always nice to relax once you've finally arrived.

Photo: A Chance to Relax after the Drive
Photographer: John McCulloch Photo: Apparently It was an Exhausting Trip
Photographer: John McCulloch Photo: A Beautiful Evening
Photographer: Derek Pugh


The weather wasn't very inviting Saturday morning, unless you're a duck. Or you have some great new rain gear and boots to test out!

Photo: The Puddle Jumpers
Photographer: Derek Pugh Photo: Kaiden Supervises Taya and Wyatt
Photographer: Marika Beaumont Photo: Wyatt Models his Rain Gear
Photographer: Marika Beaumont Photo: While Taya Shows Off the Latest Fashion in Mud Spatters
Photographer: Derek Pugh Photo: Now that's a Mud Puddle!
Photographer: Marika Beaumont

After a while the rain stopped and it was quite sunny. Hopeful sailors rigged their boats.

Photo: Stephen Steel Discusses the Fine Art of Rigging with Mike Coombes
Photographer: Randy Beaumont Photo: Steve Richardson Rigging
Photographer: Randy Beaumont Photo: John Helps Steve with Replacement Parts
Photographer: Randy Beaumont

Sadly, the decent sailing weather only lasted a few minutes. Almost as soon as the rain stopped it was replaced with a feroucuously gusty wind.


It was raining again Sunday morning. Aleid moved the President's pancake breakfast to the B.L.S.C. clubhouse.

After a couple of hours, the rain started to let up a bit, and the wind started picking up again. Steve Richardson was determined to try out his new rigging, so he ventured out.

Photo: dp_vdw08_0080.jpg
Photographer: Derek Pugh Photo: hp_vdw08_0001.jpg
Photographer: Heather Pugh

Unfortunately, his main halyard came undone, and he had to put ashore by one of the cottages to rethread it through the top of the mast.

Photo: hp_vdw08_0003.jpg
Photographer: Heather Pugh

And he eventually made it safely back to the B.L.S.C. dock.

Photo: Steve Richardson and Cheeky Monkey Return
Photographer: John McCulloch

Photo Credits

Thanks to Derek and Heather Pugh, Randy and Marika Beaumont and John McCulloch for the photos. If you've got some good photos, please send them in.