OMDA Logo Kayley Sailing at Midland

Midland Weekend 2008

We had some great sailing weather, but we were a little short of racers. We decided to just go for a cruise and enjoy the beautiful weather. Aleid, Steve Richard and Kayley went out for a cruise. Terry Scorns showed up later to try out his latest boat: a former Mirror that's suffered some serious surgery.

On The Water

On Satuday we had to launch from the boat ramp, as the beach was occupied by a wedding!

Photo: Watching the Wedding While Kayley Sails in the Background
Photographer: Aleid Brendeke Photo: Kayaking in Midland Bay
Photographer: Aleid Brendeke

Dinner at Henry's Fish Restaurant

A trip to Henry's Fish Restaurant on Saturday is a popular part of the weekend. The Restaurant is located in the Doral Marine Resort, just across the street from the entrance to the Bayfort Camp.

Photo: That was Filling
Photographer: Derek Pugh Photo: Aleid Checks his Photos
Photographer: Derek Pugh Photo: Heather
Photographer: Aleid Brendeke Photo: Linda
Photographer: Aleid Brendeke Photo: Paulette
Photographer: Aleid Brendeke Photo: Ynskje and Aleid
Photographer: Somebody who borrowed Aleid's Camera Photo: The OMDA Diners
Photographer: Aleid Brendeke Photo: The Other End of the Table
Photographer: Aleid Brendeke

Photo Credits

Thanks to Aleid Brendeke and Derek Pugh for the photos. If you've got some good photos, please send them in.