OMDA Logo Don with his Spinnaker Flying

2007 Victoria Day Weekend

The sailing season kicked off with our annual weekend at Belwood. The early arrivals taught some of the newer OMDA members all about its important traditions.

Photo: Aleid Has to Fight for his Drink!
Photographer: John McCulloch

We had beautiful suny day on Saturday. It was a great chance to fix up the boat and remember what went where. John McCulloch helped new OMDA member Terry Scorns rig his newly restored Mirror.

Photo: Terry and John Tinkering with Terry's Boat
Photographer: Stephen Steel Photo: John Gives Terry Some Advice (Aparently of a Sartorial Nature)
Photographer: Peter Kaiser Photo: Aleid Reminds Frank What All Those Lines Do
Photographer: Peter Kaiser

A bunch of us went out for a cruise to make sure we still remembered how to sail. We managed that, but some of us found that the knowledge of how to rig a spinnaker didn't survive the winter intact! (Sorry, no photos yet)

A good day to begin learning to sail

Photo: Kaidens's First Sail
Photographer: Hanzo van Beusekom

It was nice for kayaking too!

Photo: Linda and Ynskje Out Kayaking
Photographer: Peter Kaiser

And even rent-a-baby

Photo: Shelly and Kaiden
Photographer: John McCulloch Photo: Paulette had a turn too
Photographer: John McCulloch

Or just catching up

Photo: The Alpies are Back
Photographer: John McCulloch Photo: And Front
Photographer: John McCulloch

After a great day, we had the campfire

Photo: Sunset at Belwood
Photographer: John McCulloch Photo: Around the Campfire
Photographer: Hanzo van Beusekom Photo: Around the Campfire
Photographer: John McCulloch Photo: More Campfire
Photographer: John McCulloch

Sunday morning began with the President's Pancake Breakfast hosted by past president Aleid.

The weather was much colder and the winds were quite high.

Photo: That's Quite a Wind!
Photographer: Paulette Tae Photo: Brr! It's Cold
Photographer: Paulette Tae

Only the keenest sailors ventured out.

Photo: Don Launching
Photographer: Paulette Tae Photo: Don on the Water
Photographer: Stephen Steel Photo: Don and Heather
Photographer: Stephen Steel

Besides sailing, there was advice on other matters too.

Photo: You Know, It's Much Easier to Tow it with a Vehicle
Photographer: Hanzo van Beusekom Photo: John Tinkers with his Truck
Photographer: Danny McCulloch Photo: Camping at Belwood
Photographer: Peter Kaiser Photo: The Pughs, van Beusekoms and Beaumonts
Photographer: Peter Kaiser Photo: The Lingens and Kaiser's Trailers
Photographer: Peter Kaiser

Photo Credits

Thanks to Peter Kaiser, Hanzo van Beusekom, Paulette Tae, John and Danny McCulloch and Stephen Steel for the photos. If you've got some good photos, please send them in.