2007 Snow and Soup

This year's Snow and Soup Party was held on January 7 at Hanzo and Ineke's new house in Newcastle. There was plenty of soup, but snow was noticeably absent.

The Snow and Soup started out as a modest gathering 30 years ago. Hanzo and Ineke invited Nellie and Aart van der Meer and their three young children to come over to their house in Unionville for a day of cross-country skiing followed by some Dutch pea soup (the infamous ertensoep, also known as snert). The next year Hanzo and Ineke many of their friends and attendance started to grow. It has been a great party year after year even though the snow has let us down sometimes and the skiing changed into walking.

The Exercise

We explored the walking trails around Hanzo and Ineke's new house and worked up an appetite.

Photo: OMDAites Ready for Some Exercise
Photographer: Heather Pugh Photo: Along the Bluffs of the Lake Ontario Shore
Photographer: Heather Pugh Photo: A View of the Marsh
Photographer: Stephen Steel Photo: Enjoying the View of the Marsh
Photographer: Stephen Steel

The Stars of the Event

Of course the big stars of the event were the newest OMDA members: Taya and Wyatt Beaumont

Photo: The Twin Stars of the Event - Tayja and Wyatt Beaumont
Photographer: Heather Pugh Photo: Randy and Kaiden Staying Out of the Way
Photographer: Heather Pugh

A great chance to play "Rent a Grandkid"

Photo: Ynskje Holds One Twin (Taya?)
Photographer: John McCulloch Photo: Danny Holds the Other (Wyatt?)
Photographer: John McCulloch

The Treats

Some come for the soup, while others are more interested in the deserts!

Photo: Ineke Stirring the Soup
Photographer: John McCulloch Photo: The Desert Table
Photographer: John McCulloch

The People

Photo: Greg Couldn't Make It
Photographer: Heather Pugh Photo: John McCulloch
Photographer: Heather Pugh Photo: John and Derek
Photographer: Heather Pugh Photo: Paul and Aleid
Photographer: Heather Pugh Photo: ??? and Mark
Photographer: Heather Pugh Photo: Mathew Loffree
Photographer: Heather Pugh Photo: Alice and Mark
Photographer: John McCulloch Photo: ?? and Nellie
Photographer: John McCulloch Photo: Maureen and Lorne
Photographer: John McCulloch Photo: Paulette
Photographer: John McCulloch Photo: A Group
Photographer: John McCulloch Photo: Margaret and ??
Photographer: John McCulloch Photo: ?? and Mark
Photographer: John McCulloch Photo: David and Aart
Photographer: John McCulloch Photo: ??, ?? and Mike
Photographer: John McCulloch

More of the Twins

It's never too early to start instilling a sense of loyalty in your crew. The really keen skipper goes straight to the source: the maternity ward!

Photo: Robyn and Kayley and the Twins
Photographer: Heather Pugh

Mirror Mafia Reunion

The Mirror Mafia held a reunion over the Christmas holidays.

Photo: Mirror Mafia Reunion
Photographer: Paulette Tae

Photo Credits

Thanks to Heather Pugh, Paulette Tae, John McCulloch and Stephen Steel for the photos. And of course, many thanks to Hanzo and Ineke van Beusekom for hosting the event at their new home.