OMDA Logo Photo: On the Beat at the start
Photographer: John McCulloch

2007 Midland Regatta

Apart from an impressive storm early Friday evening, we had beautiful weather all weekend: warm, with barely a cloud in the sky. A lucky few even managed to make an extra long weekend of it.

The Regatta

Sadly, the only juniors who were able to attend were Robin and Kayley, so we had to scratch the junior races.

Photo: Just After the First Start
Photographer: Elke Lingen
Photo: Heather in Pooh Stick (M16562)
Photographer: Derek Pugh

This gave plenty of time for the grownups to play. The conditions were almost ideal for racing: sunny, warm and windy. We managed to easily complete four races on Saturday. The winds were shifty, so it was always an interesting race.

Midland Regatta Results
Skipper Sail No. Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Points
Aleid Bredeke 67069 1 1 1 1 4
Heather Pugh 16562 2 2 2 2 8
Marika Beaumont 20738 3 4 4 4 15
Stephen Steel 70050 DNS 3 3 3 16
Terry Scorns 37203 5 5 5 5 20
Paul Lingen 51210 4 6 6 6 22

Photo: Marika Hikes Out in Sakiram
Photographer: Derek Pugh Photo: Paul in M51210
Photographer: Derek Pugh Photo: Terry Scorns Getting Ready for his First Race in M37203
Photographer: Derek Pugh Photo: Steve Finally Arrives (too late for the first start)
Photographer: Derek Pugh Photo: Marika Passes by Charger
Photographer: Derek Pugh Photo: Heather
Photographer: Derek Pugh Photo: Beating to Windward
Photographer: Derek Pugh Photo: Downwind to the Finish
Photographer: Derek Pugh Photo: Aleid Hangs on to the Lead
Photographer: Derek Pugh Photo: It's Close at the Leeward Mark
Photographer: Derek Pugh Photo: Steve Tries to Sneak up on Heather
Photographer: Derek Pugh

An Addition to the Fleet

Terry Scorns, who recently joined OMDA after spending the winter refurbishing his second hand boat, finally got a chance to try it out in the Regatta. Later he took his wife Gwen out for a short sail to try it out.

Photo: Terry Scorns Takes his Wife for a Spin
Photographer: John McCulloch Photo: The Scorns Family: Terry, Gwen and Curtiss
Photographer: John McCulloch

Paul's Ingeneous Device

Paul Lingen adapted a second hand rack so that he can use it to put his Mirror dinghy on a rack on top of his van all by himself.

Photo: First Attach the Rack to the Gunwales
Photographer: Elke Lingen Photo: Then Tip It Up Against the Van and Lift
Photographer: Elke Lingen Photo: And There You Go!
Photographer: Elke Lingen

Other Activities on the Water

There were other activities on the water too.

Photo: Peter and Linda Get Ready for a Paddle
Photographer: John McCulloch Photo: Peter and Linda Setting Out
Photographer: John McCulloch Photo: Jim Clubine Zipping About in his Inflatable
Photographer: John McCulloch

Kayley took Pooh Stick out for a spin on Sunday. It was windy enogh to get the boat up on the plane while reaching.

Photo: Kayley Takes Pooh Stick out for a Spin on Sunday
Photographer: Derek Pugh Photo: Kayley and Steve Reaching Back to the Beach
Photographer: Derek Pugh

The Big Dinner

Part of the Midland Regatta tradition is dinner out at Henry's Fish Restaurant (conveniently located just across the road from the entrance to the campground). We had 25 people in our party, but they had plenty of room on the patio.

Photo: Hanzo, Danny, Randy, Kaiden, Marika and Ineke
Photographer: John McCulloch Photo: Paulette and the Pugh Family
Photographer: John McCulloch Photo: Terry, Gwen and Curtiss Scorn, Lisa and Volkert
Photographer: John McCulloch Photo: Dinner at Henry's Fish House
Photographer: John McCulloch Photo: Paulette, Derek and Steve
Photographer: John McCulloch Photo: Sailing Makes Me Hungry
Photographer: Heather Pugh Photo: Even Watching Sailing Makes Us Hungry!
Photographer: Derek Pugh Photo: The Beaumont Twins Taya and Wyatt (or is it Wyatt and Taya?)
Photographer: Heather Pugh Photo: Marika and Kaiden
Photographer: Heather Pugh

Photo Credits

Thanks to Derek and Heather Pugh, Elke Lingen and John McCulloch for the photos. If you've got some good photos, please send them in.