Victoria Day Weekend 2006 - Regatta?

Photo: Paulette Rides the Dock
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Well it wasn't OMDA's most sucessful Regatta. The wind conditions were pretty extreme and it was COLD!.

We even had a spot of hail.

Photo: Vandals Damage to Stephen's Car
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Besides poor weather, we were woken up at 3 am by vandals who had broken into Belwood. We didn't figure out what some of the noise was until the next morning, when it became apparent that they had shown a distinct lack of respect for the presidential vehicle!

The local constabularly was called to inspect the damage.

Photo: Stephen Reports the Damage to the Police
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Setting Charger Up for the Season

It was too windy to sail a regatta, but it gave use plenty of time to get Charger put back together, ready for some more hospitable conditions.

Photo: Fixing up Charger
File: JPEG 40 kB Photo: Make Sure that Bolt is Done Up
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We did get some short patches of nice weather.

Photo: A Brief Spell of Sun
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Pancake Breakfast

On Sunday morning, everbody was treated to the traditional President's Breakfast served by current and former OMDA presidents

Photo: Our Current President Finally Takes His Turn at the Grill
File: JPEG 72 kB Photo: Satisfied Customers
File: JPEG 79 kB Photo: Forget the Pancakes! Give Me Some Coffee
File: JPEG 71 kB Photo: OMDA's Youngest Member
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"I don't know what all the grownups are griping about, this is the best Victoria Day weekend I can remember!"

Other Activities

At least there were some non-sailing activities available.

Photo: The Ladies Playing Dominoes
File: JPEG 72 kB Photo: The Tessaro Boys Playing Ping Pong
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Thanks to Hanzo VanBeusekom, John McCulloch and Paulette Tae for the Photos.